Although it may seem as if the world has been flipped upside down as of late, it is still turning – and the adaptability of our WorkFit programmes, is testament to that!

Regarding internships, there has been some uncertainty regarding whether these are still going ahead, and what possible time frames might be. Fear not, as employers are still hoping to hit recruitment scheme targets, although internships may be pushed back to September/ October. Don’t forget to get in touch with host organisations to find out what is happening regarding their internship schemes, as each one may be different. Get in touch with the Internships team too using the email address, to help you.

It is true that most Pearson College London schemes have been postponed or cancelled. However, if you require any assistance with your CV and cover letter, reach out to Amy and Arnold in the Internships Team. We are still available to help you, whenever you need.

External companies are also still recruiting, so why not use this time to apply? Additionally, you now have the perfect opportunity to volunteer for a local charity, reach out to industry mentors and really stretch your entrepreneurial skills. The world has changed, and fast – but this change has generated numerous business opportunities, particularly in shipping, supply chains, and so on. LinkedIn are also hosting employers and their free online webinars, which is a great way to learn more about industry – and there are always online learning platforms like FutureLearn, which offer free courses year-round.

The Pearson College London virtual internship is currently being built to cover how to make an impact online, how to interview well, and how to look and sound best on screen, so don’t forget to register. Virtual internships are also offered elsewhere, providing you with the chance to explore different sectors, build up your CV and gain valuable experience during the lockdown. Check out InsideSherpa,, MindSumo and WayUp for more information.

Any questions regarding the above, please do reach out to us and we will provide you with as many details as you need. Stay safe, and stay professional!