This week, I will be sharing useful tips in a series of Blog posts about improving your Employability Skills during COVID. I will be posting one each day so be sure to look out for my other tips.

7. Look out for volunteering opportunities

A great way to be able to show your support during these times and still develop your skills is by looking for volunteering opportunities. This is good for showing a proactive approach to helping others and can help you improve your self-esteem. Volunteering and helping support people who are in need is good to show employers how you demonstrated problem-solving skills. There are many ways which you can volunteer, such as offering your services to healthcare providers or supporting by giving up some time to support people from your own home. There are certainly several people who will be in need to support and require assistance. Many volunteering opportunities have been created during the situation, as hospitals and healthcare providers have been inundated with requests, so they require a lot of people to work with them. If you are a fit and healthy person, this might be good to help with some manual work or with administrative tasks. However, if you prefer to volunteer from your own home there are also opportunities to do so by helping with creating content, working on virtual platforms or offering mental health and wellbeing support. You can provide support through calls to people in need of help and be able to talk to them if they are feeling lonely, which can be a great way to develop your empathy skills and help you to learn how to improve your confidence. Volunteering, during any time and not just during the current situation, can be a great way to help you to work on your employability skills and try out doing things that you wouldn’t normally do. You can test yourself and try to learn new concepts so that you can expand your portfolio of skills and gain more personal satisfaction.

Our students volunteering with social enterprise, Once Upon a Doug.

8. Reach out to your network for ways which you can help them

Although a network can be important for helping you to find new opportunities, you can also help your network by offering emotional support. I mentioned earlier that you can reach out to your network to ask if they have any opportunities or any projects you can help with, but you can also reach out to them on a personal level and build your relationships by offering them support and seeing how they are feeling during these times. This is a great way of developing your communication skills because it is not something you might usually do, and you will certainly need to think about what you can do to help. This is a great way of showing your problem-solving skills as you can see if they have any issues and you are helping them resolve it. This can be done by contacting them and checking how they are and contacting them with tips/advice. The more you can support your network, the more likely they will be able to support you and they can help you in the future.

Mentoring is a great way to connect with people in your network and sharing ideas and supporting each other.

To find out more about what you can do and how to make the most of the opportunity, head over to the Work Fitness Centre and be sure to attend the Bootcamps, taking place next week.

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