This week, I will be sharing useful tips in a series of Blog posts about improving your Employability Skills during COVID. I will be posting one each day so be sure to look out for my other tips.  

5. Connect with people and network

Networking and connecting with people are still fundamental skills that you can practise, even though you won’t be able to meet an individual in person. Try to reach out to people on LinkedIn and connect with them because you can still be able to find a mentor and meet industry professionals who can share ideas with you and support you. Connecting with people can still be done virtually and it is good to be able to meet new people and can help you socially too as you feel more in touch with other people. If you look through LinkedIn you will be able to see many people sharing ideas and creating content for people to view, so it might be best to email them or message them directly and start a conversation with them. For instance, many professionals within different industries will be creating content of their thoughts and feelings and you can reach out to them and offer them support and ask them questions about what they have posted. Due to globalisation, the world is connected digitally, meaning that you can connect with someone halfway across the world. Building up a good relationship with your network and connections is so important as they can help you with job-hunting and help with career support like mentoring. You will often be told, “It’s not about what you know, but who you know” and this is so important during this current situation because you have the opportunity now to grow your network. Doing this can help you with your communication skills and people skills as it shows how you have been able to adapt but still able to create meaningful connections.

Here are some of our students attending a LInkedIn Local Networking Event.

6. Look out for job opportunities

Despite all the uncertainties and job security worries, there are some opportunities that have been created from this situation. If you are on the lookout for some job opportunities then now would be a good time to search for jobs as companies are still hiring, for roles where you must go out and roles where you can work from home. If you proactively search for opportunities, you can find roles that can help you put your skills to good use. Companies will go through their recruitment process in the same way but might have virtual platforms to conduct interviews. As individuals are working from home, there are opportunities to work in roles that don’t require you to leave your house and just require a laptop. You don’t want to have plenty of spare time and not take advantage of the opportunity, even if you decide to work as a freelancer to help a company with projects. This can also show great confidence skills because you are actively looking for employment opportunities and are able to build on your experiences and skill-set. If you apply via the conventional ways but find difficulty doing this, then you can reach out to companies through your network and contact them to show them that you are available and can help. Doing this can certainly show a reactive response to the change as you have been proactive to offer your expertise.

Attending Industry days provides you with opportunities to network with Industry Professionals.

To find out more about what you can do and how to make the most of the opportunity, head over to the Work Fitness Centre and be sure to attend the Bootcamps, taking place next week.

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