What skills did you gain being an industry rep?

Commercial awareness was one of the skills I gained as when we had to introduce speakers, we had to do some research on who we were introducing and their background, which helped me understand what type of industry I may want to go into.

What opportunities were you given being a part of this scheme?

  • Being able to interview and meet industry guests.
  • Being a part of the promotion for the TD (Taster Day) events to engage more students.
  • Having a relationship with industry speakers which allowed for a deeper relationship as we were able to ask personal questions and get to know them better.

What made you become an industry rep?

It was a good way for me to expose myself to different students, and staff at Pearson College London. Being able to be told first-hand and be an active member of the college on the events that are taking place and knowing the benefits of the Work Fitness Centre.

It would be November’s Industry day on intrapreneurship, as I learnt that you can still carve your own path and be a part of a company. Hearing from people who have done that also allowed me to look into it more.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a student about becoming an industry rep?

The one piece of advice I would give to students is to have the confidence and step out of your comfort zone, as it is a great opportunity to be exposed to people you wouldn't normally be exposed to.

-By June Otieno (Business Management with Finance)

Photo by Evangeline Shaw / Unsplash