What skills did you gain being an industry rep?

The skills which I gained from being an industry rep are communication, self-confidence and networking skills. Before, I wasn’t able to communicate myself well as I found it difficult, but now being exposed to many people, it allowed me to keep on practising talking and communicating - which ultimately improved my self-confidence and networking skills.

What opportunities were you given being a part of this scheme?

  • I was able to get a bursary on my tuition fee.
  • I was able to know about all of the events before students knew, in order to help spread the word.
  • This scheme also encouraged me to start my own business in Consultancy.
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What made you become an industry rep?

Coming from a background of being deputy head boy at sixth form, I chose to become an industry rep to increase my experience in large crowds and be an active member of Pearson College London. This would help me make new friends and expose me to different people that I wouldn't really talk to.

I would personally say the whole week of October’s WFW (Work Fitness Week), as this helped me with ideas for my start-up which encouraged me to, further on down the line, establish the business.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to a student about becoming an industry rep?

You will be exposed to many opportunities within the industry. You will be able to improve your self-confidence and build on your professional skills to help you in the later future.

-By Preet Gogar (Business Management with Global Industries)

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