What is the Student Ambassador scheme and how does it work?

The Student Ambassador scheme is essentially a part-time job role which allows you to learn skills through setting up events and talking to prospective students about why they should study at Pearson college London. In order to become an ambassador, you will get an email to apply along with some questions as to why you want to become a Student Ambassador. After this, you’ll be invited to complete an interview and a group exercise.

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

The benefits of being an ambassador is that you can apply for shifts whenever you are available, which helps you balance your studies and work. You get paid hourly for the shifts you work and can also expense travelling costs when helping at different locations.

Essentially all the skills that you will learn from being a student ambassador will help with developing your interpersonal skills with people and setting up as organising events so you will obviously learn some events management skills. You will also gain skills such as blogging and time management along the way when balancing both your time working as an ambassador and studies.

Also, Student Ambassadors can get involved with The Access Platform, which is an app that allows ambassadors to create content about student life at Pearson College London for example which will then be published by the college if approved and also answer frequently asked questions.

If you had to choose your top highlight of being an ambassador so far what would it be?

The top highlight of being an ambassador so far for me is being able to talk with prospective students and being able to develop my confidence along the way but also making new friends with other ambassadors.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become an ambassador?

My advice that I would personally give to someone looking to become an ambassador is explain why the role would help you in the future in terms of your career, and how the skills you’ll be gaining as an ambassador will benefit you. For example, this is a great role for anyone doing marketing because it will help you skills such as blogging, event-management, communication etc.

-By Mark Concepcion (3rd year Business Management student)