Today we sat down with Craig to ask him about his experience at Pearson College London, and what he's been getting up to after graduating with a degree in Business Management!

What have you been up to since graduating from Pearson Business School?

I graduated from Pearson Business School with a degree in Business Management in September 2019. Immediately after graduating, I got a short-term job role as a supervisor in the Pearson Marking Centre and had already secured a role on a Fixed Term Contract within the Teaching Support Department for Pearson Qualification Services but am now working in the Student Recruitment Team at Pearson College London.

How do you think studying at Pearson Business School helped you in your current role?

During my 3-year degree course I really enjoyed attending industry events and would try to research companies I might enjoy working for. I decided to look for jobs during my final year of study and was set on finding a company that I would love to work for and I decided to look for a job at Pearson.

I had spotted some flyers around saying that Pearson were hiring people to help with marking of tests. I applied for the role of supervisor and during the interview used many examples of work experience and opportunities I had which gave me plenty of experience that would help me in the role I was applying for. I loved working as a supervisor because I had to manage a team of around 10 to 15 people and it certainly helped me with my leadership and management skills.

The careers team at Pearson College London helped me to find opportunities that might be suitable for me and after checking for opportunities that I might enjoy; I came across a role at Pearson working within a team that supports teachers who take Edexcel and BTEC qualifications. When I started this role I was told it would require a lot of good organisation skills and for me to learn a lot of information to support teachers. During my time at Pearson College London, time management was always a key skill that was used and developed as you need to manage your time when trying to balance workload and projects and this certainly helped me during this role.

Recently, I joined Pearson College London, working in the Student Recruitment Team to help recruit people using my experiences to show how this institution has helped me gain the skills and experience to be able to thrive in my career.

Studying at Pearson Business School has certainly helped me get to where I am today and the main reason I would say this is because of the connections. Whilst studying the Business Management Degree I forged several connections from a variety of companies, many of whom are partners with Pearson College London, and this helped me to build important relationships to support me with my career. Often at an industry event there are talks going on but the key thing that I did was always tried to network with people and ensure that I was able to contact them for support if I needed to. I keep in contact with many of the connections that I made during my time at Pearson College London and I am sure that they will continue to help and support me in the future.

What was your favorite industry event at Pearson Business School?

My favorite industry events would have to be the Pearson industry day and the Business Conference. The Pearson industry day was a small event which took place at the Pearson HQ in London and gave students an opportunity to learn more about Pearson’s global initiatives and about the education industry.

The Business conference took place at the Barbican Centre and involved several talks and challenges by a variety of companies that focused on digital transformation. It was great to not only learn something different but also meet professionals who had experience in a variety of sectors.

How did Pearson Business School help prepare you for the world of work?

The careers team, as well as the tutors, were superb at helping you prepare for the career that you wanted to go into. I was fortunate to have tutors who helped me with presentation skills and showed the importance of communication. This would certainly help because in the real-world you will often be asked to present your ideas.

I would try to regularly meet with mentors to discuss progress and generally update them with my plans, which helped me to narrow my search to the areas I was most interested in. My experience at Pearson College London has definitely made me more employable as I have been able to learn new ideas, processes, skills, and develop professionally as well as academically.

5. If you could go back to your first year, what advice would you give yourself?

If I were to go back to my first year, I would tell myself to try and learn things that I don’t normally try to learn about and explore. When people choose their modules at University, they often choose ones they know about, believing that they will enjoy it more and perform better. I would tell myself to try and learn an area that I wouldn’t otherwise think of learning about and rather than just learn the content of what is taught to you, go out and try and practice the skills you have learnt and speak to people who work in that area as it will definitely allow your creativity to flow.