Adwaiz is a creative communications agency that specialises in creative content, social media marketing, influencer marketing and paid content. The firm was founded in 2017 and Rea Averill, a Pearson Business School Business Management with Marketing Alumni, is now the CEO!

As I am studying the Digital and Social Marketing elective module this term, when I found out I had the opportunity to take part in a social media workshop with Adwaiz, I jumped at the chance! The event took place on the 27th February 2020 at the Adwaiz offices in St. Paul’s.

The event

When we got to the location, we were ‘wowed’! The offices and staff had such a great energy and vibe! They all introduced themselves and handed us a beverage of our choice (of course I picked beer – typical northerner). They had also laid out some snacks for us, which was a really nice touch.

The presentation then started and they told us about what they do as a company and the brands/companies that they work with. A couple of people that work for them are influencers themselves so it was great to hear all of the information from not only a business point-of-view but from an influencer’s point of view as well.

One of their interns, Sean, is a second-year Pearson Business School student too! Part of the presentation was based around our digital and social marketing assessments as Sean had sent them across our assessment brief in advance. They gave us some great tips and advice regarding our assessments!


After the event had finished, we had the chance to network with the Adwaiz team and ask them any questions we had, which was a great experience!

Overall, the event was extremely helpful, not only for my career but for my degree assignments too. Thank you Adwaiz!