We spoke to first year Business Management student Joseph Frost about his first few months at Pearson College London, including his participation in the Work Fitness Weeks:

"We had a fantastic week supporting the new Business Management January cohort – firstly an insightful industry visit to Bouygues Construction UK included a presentation from their CEO, Rob Bradley, who spoke about his professional career, path and progression. Their graduates also explained the reasons for joining the company and the stand-alone information is that neither of them studied anything to do construction.

What does this tell us?

It tells us to not bracket opportunities based on the subject area you are studying. Go out there and try different areas to see what works best for you. This is so important and due to degrees having so many transferable skills it is very easy to find the right job for you.

Going to company head offices is one of the many stand out events for me so far. There is no better way of getting your foot in the door by making an expression to the company at their offices. Pearson College London teaches us very clearly to take opportunities and I am very much looking forward to the next HQ visit.

Later that week I had the great privilege of representing the Work Fitness Programme - one of the standout events that made me want to join the College. While only into my second term, I have been able to meet not only great professionals but also pursue great opportunities.

Work Fitness Week

The importance of networking and attending events during your time at Pearson College London was highlighted. Me and my fellow student Preet discussed our company that we started alongside two other friends (Sam and Haider), which was created through attending the Work Fitness events.

Further illustrating the point ‘you never know what opportunities will come’, we spoke about the ease of connecting with industry professionals at the College. This helped the new students understand ways for them to find their niche; even if you got a vague idea there is always someone the College can link you with (they could even become your mentor!).

So, to summarise. The opportunity of having a company has 100% come from the industry collaboration opportunities and Work Fitness events at Pearson College London. The connections we have been able to make, have allowed us to gain projects and meet and talk with professionals that have offered industry-focused advice to finetune our company.

Within our first term, starting a company has been exciting and we are looking forward to the year ahead, especially the future Work Fitness events where we will be able to identify more projects and professionals to meet with, further expanding our connections and portfolio."