It really does feel like a lifetime ago that I did my Business Management and Marketing Taster Day at Pearson Business School. I took part in the day in November 2017 and it was the first time I had travelled to London by myself! I was extremely nervous but I really didn’t have any reason to be as when I got to the Taster Day, everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

The Welcome Talk

Pearson College London was easy to find and there were Student Ambassadors to greet you as you went in who helped sign you in and directed you to where you needed to be. Whilst we were waiting for our first talk, which was about Pearson Business School itself, the Student Ambassadors played some ice breakers with us all which was great. We then had our first Welcome Talk, which was extremely informative, and it taught me a lot about the degree process which I didn’t actually know and highlighted what they would expect from us as future students.

The Taster Activity

During the day, I took part in a business activity which was to help create a new method of revision for students that was suitable for 21st century learning. We then had to feedback our ideas in a meeting style format and pinpoint any financial aspects, potential flaws in ideas and any areas of originality. Doing activities like this throughout the day really helped to build my confidence and confirmed that this was the institution that I wanted to go to. For me, the day really highlighted how professional they were and their high standards/expectations.


Overall, the Taster Day was extremely informative and really motivated me to secure a place at Pearson Business School as, coming from an apprenticeship and being used to a work environment, I knew it would help bridge the gap between education and full-time employment. It was a fabulous day and I can’t imagine being at any other place to do my degree!

Why not see it for yourself? You can book your place at the next Pearson Business School Business Management and Marketing Taster Day today.

-By Ellie Carrick (2nd year Business Management Student)