I’ve wanted to be a Barrister ever since I was 12. It was my nan who inspired me and told me that it is something I would be good at, but I never had an interest in it until I started doing research of universities, and I began to really like the idea of studying Law and realised I had a genuine interest in the subject. I knew then that Law was the right option for me!

My heart wasn’t set on Pearson College London until I attended a Taster Day, then my whole decision was changed. In my mind, I was set on the London School of Economics and I had a list of other universities that I wanted to visit too. I decided to attend a Pearson College London Taster Day to get a well-rounded view of my options and what the institution was like.


I picked Pearson College London to visit as it wasn’t a ‘traditional’ option, but I never expected to like it so much! One thing that stood out to me was how welcoming and warm everybody was! Everyone was so nice, and it soon became clear that if I went there, I would get all the help and support that I needed, which started to change my mind!

The Taster Day started with a talk by some of the tutors who spoke about what it is like to attend Pearson College London and how they support their students. We also took part in a few activities throughout the day, and it was great to get to know people who could potentially be people I study my degree with!

Later in the day, I started speaking to Frances Trought who, at the time, oversaw Talent Development. She explained a bit about what she did and how she helped students. We got talking and I ended up explaining to her a bit about some trouble I was experiencing at the end of my school year, which was really affecting me. After the Taster Day, Frances contacted me via email and put me in touch with the Pearson Legal Team. The support Pearson College London gave me, as a prospective student, meant the world to me and really cemented my decision to study here.


I am now in my second year studying LLB (Hons) Law Professional Legal Practice at Pearson College London and I am loving it! A bit of advice for people considering studying Law is to make sure it is what you want to do. It requires a lot of dedication and out-of-hours research time. If you love Law, or think you will, then go for it and don’t look back!

If you are deciding whether Pearson College London is the place for you, ask yourself whether you want to go to a large university where there's a chance you will get lost in the crowd, or would you prefer a smaller institution where you will get the help you need no matter what? At Pearson College London, everyone is so friendly and supports each other, both staff and students.

-By Alexander Moss (2nd year Law Professional Legal Practice student)