Why did you choose a Degree Apprenticeship over a degree?

I chose the pathway of a Degree Apprenticeship as I didn’t feel that moving away from home and having the traditional university experience was the right choice for me. However, I still wanted to gain a degree due to the opportunities it provides and the career progression available. Consequently, the option to study alongside working was the perfect combination due to the practical skills gained whilst working which would enhance my learning.

What was your experience of the application process? Do you have any tips for others going through the application process?

The application process was lengthy and involved numerous elements, some of which I hadn’t completed before, such as the verbal reasoning tests, and others which I had some experience with, such as interviews. Nevertheless, there were many opportunities to prepare: you could practice the tests online beforehand, carry out research surrounding the company, type of job role you’ve applied for, as well as thinking back to certain experiences you’ve had which could be used as examples to demonstrate your resilience, teamwork skills and organisation.

Tell us about a typical day at Pearson?

My typical day involves managing the Pearson College London Open Days campaign for undergraduate students. Depending on the time of year and events coming up, I’ll often be planning, writing or creating emails, liaising with suppliers about our advertising, as well as pulling reports and analysing data to see the bookings generated and thinking of new ways to engage students.

Is there a project you’ve worked on that you’re particularly proud of? What did it involve?

In 2019, I created ‘The Inside Guide’ for Pearson Business School which was a guide for prospective students, written by current students, that included top tips for studying in London (with a range of things to do and discounts available), making the decision between living at home or in halls, as well as the societies and opportunities on offer at PBS.

This was a new type of project as it involved creating a design brief, flat plan and choosing images/themes for the guide. It was a really good experience, and I enjoyed working with different team members for the design/approval process. Also, it was rewarding as a physical end material was created to be proud of.

Have you found any aspect of the Degree Apprenticeship challenging?

The Degree Apprenticeship has been challenging at points, especially during times of exams or coursework. Often everything can become busy at once in university and work, meaning you’ve got to balance the two aspects as well as trying to do well. It has been stressful, but it’s also been good to learn how to cope in stressful situations under pressure.

What have you found most rewarding?

Overall, I’ve found the progress I’ve made so far throughout the Degree Apprenticeship most rewarding. When I started, I’d never worked in an office environment, nor studied the style of the university. However, now I feel confident in both environments and I’ve gained skills which I hope will help in many aspects of my career/studies moving forward.

What would you say to others who are considering a Degree Apprenticeship?

If people find themselves in a similar position, where they want to begin working but still also want to gain a degree, I’d really recommend this pathway. There are always lots of schemes being released for a variety of companies throughout the year, and I’d say to have the confidence to apply. If you’re unsuccessful with one scheme, apply again!

Always use examples in your interviews, be professional and show how you are a well-rounded individual to take on the role.

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