Last week, we welcomed 87 students from the International Business School Americas to Pearson College London for a three-week programme. There are two business programmes to be delivered, Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy (CTBS) and Advanced Topics in Business Management (ATBM).

Students undertaking Contemporary Topics in the Business Strategy will be exposed to the following modules: New Tools and Concepts on Strategic Thinking, Strategic Innovation Management, Sustainability and Purposeful Business. Advanced Topics will include International Law, Risk Management, Strategy and Finance.

A range of industry visits and guest speakers has also been organised featuring companies such as Red Carnation, EY and The Mill. For example, this week the CTBA students were able to attend one of three industry visits to:

  1. Contented Brothers
  2. Hackmasters
  3. Chesterfield Hotel (Red Carnation)

One group, this week, visited Hackmasters, a dynamic company which specialise in rapid prototyping and piloting of new technology in particular around smart cars, smart homes, smart health and smart cities, globally. Their previous clients include Ford, Unilever, GCHQ and Dubai Customs.


The students were given an introduction to the business and some case studies Hackmasters had worked on. There was a discussion on future eco-systems and emerging technologies and the roadmap to future trends.

Students also participated in a Q&A at the end of the session with Hackmasters employees to find out more. What a fantastic opportunity for international students to get involved in!