Work Fitness Weeks at Pearson College London are a chance for students to attend extra activities to benefit their academic study, personal development and professional development.

The Work Fitness Programme consists of three elements:

  • Academic nutrition (academic requirements) - we feed our student’s academic skills and knowledge, so they graduate with a valuable qualification that will act as a strong foundation for a successful career.
  • Core personal development (personal development needs) - core strength keeps us up, balanced and moving! Through core personal development sessions, our students get to learn how to enhance their self-awareness, personal brand and self-confidence.
  • Professional workouts (industry contact time) - our students get to grow their network of contacts at our industry events, or whilst participating in an internship. They get to build their industry knowledge and strengthen their understanding. They also have the opportunity to find mentoring opportunities or apply for exclusive jobs. In turn, all of this ensures that a Pearson College London student’s CV stands out from the crowd.

To further support our students’ learning and development needs, we’ve developed the Work Fitness Centre, a platform that acts as a hub with all the latest tools, resources and news, to support their academic nutrition needs, core personal development needs and professional workouts.

Since September, two Work Fitness Weeks have taken place at Pearson College London, enabling students to immerse themselves in industry and learn valuable skills to apply immediately in their degree programme and in the future workplace:
1. October Work Fitness Week
2. November Work Fitness Week

The next Work Fitness Week is coming up from February 3rd to 7th and for current students, here is what to expect, and future students, here’s the type of thing you could get involved with as a student at Pearson College London…

Monday 3rd February

Pearson Business School Mock Interview and CV Feedback Clinic

This session is designed for students to practise being interviewed, or get feedback on a CV; or both. Students get 30 minutes of one-to-one time with an interviewer, and the option to get feedback on their CV. Students get to practise their interview technique in a friendly and supportive environment, receiving immediate feedback and tips on how to strengthen communication skills and practise responding to common interview questions, such as:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • How do you manage your time and prioritise tasks?
  • Give me an example of a time when you have faced a challenging situation. How did you resolve it?
  • What are your career goals?

The interviews will be conducted by recruitment specialists or experienced hiring managers from leading organisations, including Pearson, Red Carnation Hotel Group and the LVMH Group. They have lots of great advice to impart!

Escape Studios Mock Interview and CV Feedback Clinic for Short Course, Postgraduate and Undergraduate students

This session is designed to enable students to practise being interviewed, or get feedback on a CV, or both. Students at Escape Studios also get 30 minutes of one-to-one time with an interviewer to practice interview technique and receive feedback on a CV, but the choice is with the student to decide how the time is spent. We are excited to be joined by interviewers from studios such as Framestore, Blue Zoo, The Third Floor and Milk. This is a great opportunity to:

  • Practise interview technique in a friendly and supportive environment,
  • Receive immediate feedback and tips from professional recruiters from some of the worlds biggest and best VFX, Animation and Games Studios
  • Strengthen communication skills and practise responding to common interview questions, such as:
  1. Why do you want to work in VFX/Games/Animation?
  2. How do you manage your time and prioritise tasks?
  3. Give me an example of a time when you have faced a challenging situation on a team project. How did you resolve it?
  4. What are your career goals and how do you plan to reach them?


Linkedin Photoshoot

This session is a chance for students to book a 10-minute photoshoot slot and enhance their online profile to give it added impact. The photoshoot will be led by Jon Selwood, Senior Graphic Designer at Pearson College London who is a keen amateur photographer. He’ll spend a few minutes taking some portrait shots and will make sure students are happy with the results. The portrait photos are delivered via email the following week, ready to upload to LinkedIn!

Tuesday 4th February

Volunteering Fair

We’ll be holding our first Volunteering fair during the February Work Fitness Week. It’ll be a great opportunity for students to network with a number of charities about the opportunities available within the sector. These charities include:

  • Nightline
  • Samaritans
  • Deafblind UK
  • Shelter
  • Action for Children

Some of the responsibilities and possible tasks for a volunteer might include:

  • Events and fundraising support volunteers
  • Prison support team administrator
  • Branch social events coordinator
  • Finance support volunteer

By attending this fair, students can boost their employability as it’s an opportunity to secure experience in their chosen field of work; network with the charities; and enhance soft skills such as confidence and communication.

Workshop: How joining a start-up can kickstart your career

This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to meet entrepreneur Aidan Cramer, find out about his successful startup JobLab, and learn how he could land students a job, or internship! JobLab is an innovative online recruitment service that helps connect students and grads with London startups, offering internships and jobs in business development, account management, customer success, marketing and operations.
Team work, work colleagues, working together
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Students who attend this session can:

  • Find out why entrepreneurial skills are so important to all employers (small and large)
  • Discover why working for a startup can be a great stepping-stone towards landing a role in a large company (if that’s your goal).
  • Hear first hand, from an entrepreneur - Aidan will share his own experience of founding and growing a startup
  • Find out how JobLab could help get an internship or job, while bypassing repetitive application processes and getting paid for using the service!

About Aidan Cramer, CEO at JobLab:
After graduating with a degree in creative advertising Aidan quickly realised that a career in advertising wasn’t for him.
Like many graduates, he ended up on the graduate job boards, not hearing back from employers and not knowing what to do next. So he decided to try to fix the problem by building an online marketplace that gives candidates the ability to get discovered and gives employers the tools to find and hire them. He co-founded JobLab in 2014 and the platform is now used by 35,000 grads.

Wednesday 5th February

Conversation with Robert Wilkinson, CEO, Mulberry Developments

This is an opportunity not to be missed for students who are planning to set up their own business, or have already done so, or just want to hear from the ‘horse’s mouth’ about how a multi-million business was created.

This event will allow students to:

  • Get the opportunity to meet successful entrepreneur, Robert Wilkinson, who started life as an apprentice and went on to found and grow a multi-million-pound business
  • Set the agenda for the evening’s conversation, based on the questions students ask
  • Get UNIQUE advice and insights from a seasoned entrepreneur to help develop students’ own business ideas
  • Enjoy drinks and nibbles.

Different from an Industry Speaker event, this is more of a conversation with no structured presentation.

VFX Showreel Clinic/ Animation Showreel Clinic/ Game Art Portfolio Clinic

There is an art to creating a great showreel and these sessions, run by industry professionals, will give students the inside story on what recruiters are looking for when they hire artists. This session gives students the unique opportunity to find out what makes a killer showreel or portfolio and also what the common mistakes are that budding artists make when putting together a reel; our industry speakers will be sharing their knowledge and experience, so students don’t make the same mistakes!

Thursday 6th February

What Employers Really Want - An evening with Shereen Daniels, Managing Director, HR Rewired

This session will give students an insider’s view of what employers really want, and find out why who is just the person they're looking for. Shereen Daniels is a seasoned HR professional and recruitment specialist who has worked at a senior level across a wide range of organisations, from Carphone Warehouse to Cafe Nero and has also dipped her toe into politics by completing an MP Leadership Programme with the UK House of Commons. She knows just what employers want and will give you the inside track on why you are exactly what they’re looking for…

This interactive session will help students to understand:

  • the challenges that employers face, including the impact of technology and building a talent pipeline
  • the value of a story - the experiences gained while studying, including work and other experiences outside of the college
  • how students can articulate their experience so that students can use it when talking to employers, both in formal interviews and informal settings
  • how recruiters shortlist candidates for roles - students will even get to have a go at selecting candidates for a range of recruitment scenarios.

Friday 7th February

Industry Day: Operations and Project Management

The climax of Work Fitness Week 3 is an all-day, off-site event to engage and network with industry figures from leading companies including MediaCom, Ear to the Ground, Global Radio and more. Our guest speakers will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience on the topic of operations and project management. They will shine a light on why operational excellence is vital to delivering good customer experience and business success - and they’ll also share some ‘war stories’ about what can happen when operations don’t run smoothly…

On the day students will hear from the likes of:

  • Sophia Bates, Head of Connected Execution at MediaCom (media agency)
  • Owen Laverty, Partner at Ear to the Ground (sport and music agency)
  • Global Radio
  • More names to be announced!

Benefits of Industry Days:

  • Hear from a number of industry-leading companies - with the chance to find out more about each of them.
  • Lots of opportunities to interact with industry leaders - ask questions, participate in a panel discussion and work with some of the industry guests on current business and operational challenges.
  • It’s a chance to practise networking skills - network with industry professionals and find out what opportunities their business offers for graduates.
  • A chance to apply the knowledge learned during studies to real business issues.
  • Winning groups from the business challenge can grab an opportunity for a selfie with an industry guest, to post on LinkedIn.
  • Free food and refreshments - entertained all day at a high-quality conference and professional events venue with free food and refreshments provided.


Structure of the day:

  • Arrival: Free refreshments and breakfast will be provided.
  • Morning session: Our panel of industry guests will each introduce their business and participate in a panel discussion on the topic of operations and project management and how this contributes to delivering excellent customer experience. There will be lots of time for you to ask questions.
  • Lunchtime: Enjoy a free delicious lunch and take the opportunity to network.
  • Afternoon session: Work in groups on a real business challenge relating to business operations, set and guided by some of our industry guests.

What a fantastic week ahead! The next Work Fitness Week won’t be until the Autumn during the next academic year, so if you’re a current student, make sure to book onto this one so that you do not miss out!

Joining us in September? These are the types of events that you can be looking forward to attending!