Month 19 marks the end of 2019 and a mixed month in terms of busyness for me as a degree apprentice. The start of the month was a flurry of exams and deadlines but Christmas came and that was a nice break from reality!

National Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Conference 2019

In December, I was asked to be a panellist on two panels at the National Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Conference 2019, courtesy of High Fliers. This was an event aimed at educating employers about Higher and Degree Apprenticeships and how they can implement them within organisations to boost productivity and benefit the business as a whole.

The first panel was with other apprentices from different companies including some household names. It was great to see what the other apprentices were doing in terms of both their job role and qualification; I didn't even know that some of the programmes existed! It was a really great way to share my personal experiences from application to the actual apprenticeship itself and to network with employers in such contrasting industries.

The second panel that I was asked to speak on was titled: The value of the degree in a degree apprenticeship and was looking at a government proposal to remove the degree from the degree apprenticeship programme and award students with a Level 6 qualification instead. In this panel, I was representing apprentices alongside other stakeholders from schools, businesses and training providers. It was again a great opportunity to network and share my views on such a controversial topic that resonates a lot with businesses providing the programmes that might get taken away.

Overall, the event was a fantastic opportunity to improve my public speaking skills, share my experiences and network with employers and other apprentices.


To end the first term of my second year, I had my Strategic Marketing Exam to conclude the module and contribute to my grade. This was based on the whole module and consisted of essay-style questions. As much as I am not a fan of exams, this is the last one in my degree which is fantastic news as it means I can focus on coursework and presentations, which I prefer.
Designer sketching Wireframes
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As well as the exam, I had the deadlines for my Introduction to Contract Law and Strategic Marketing modules, which combined was 5,000 words. These were the first pieces of coursework that counted towards my degree which was daunting but a positive challenge. I think that coursework allows more expression and demonstration of knowledge and skills compared with an exam which focuses on memory and application so I like the coursework pieces much more than the exam.
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As well as the pressure being on for my degree programme, I applied for a new opportunity within Pearson Plc, in which I secured an interview. The first interview was a general interview about myself and the role I was applying for. The second interview involved preparing and delivering a presentation for one of the clients that the new team works with and coming up with a new strategy. This was a difficult task, but something that I was able to challenge myself to complete and create successfully and independently.

I was successful and will be moving over to the new team at the end of the month.

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As the year ends, so does my time as Communications, PR and Content Coordinator at Pearson College London. It's bittersweet, but I will be continuing my apprenticeship programme in another part of the business as I look to specialise my marketing skills as Content Marketing Executive. I am really excited about this new journey and I look forward to what the future holds.

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