In the Animation degree, a variation of industry-standard 3D animation techniques will be covered. We also cover animation mechanics such as weight, flexibility and locomotion.


Your portfolio is a way of standing out during your Creative Workshop and we have put together some tips and tricks that may help you decide what to include in your portfolio if you want to study a degree in Animation.

"The perfect portfolio shows a blend of creativity and technical skill. It's nice to see a mixture of traditional media, such as drawing and 3D artwork. It also helps if you are comfortable with computers and computer software and are curious enough to want to know more."
Alex Williams - Head of Animation


Things you Might Want to Include in Your Portfolio

  • Drawing - we love to see final pieces of work and the process you undertook to create them. Sketches and rough ideas are a great way to show your process and the creation/design of your work. Life drawings are an example that we love to see.

  • Storyboarding - this is a way that creators can demonstrate their initial concept before any work can be made and it gives animators an idea of frame-by-frame ideas. This is a great way to demonstrate your creative process.

  • Digital Work - as we use a range of software in this course, it is a great idea to understand the basic principles of the software 'Adobe Animate'. This software is designed so you can bring your ideas and designs to life. Digital work isn't requried in your portfolio, but it is a great way to stand out.

  • Animation - we love to see if you have had a go at any animation in the past. This could be hand-drawn, digital or stop motion. You don't need any fancy equipment to have a go. A short animation filmed on your phone with a low-cost tripod would be a great example!

"It doesn't matter about the final result of your work. What matters is your journey to the final result. What inspired you? What went wrong? How did you fix it?"
Jordan Coles - second year Animation student


We also have a more generic portfolio guide which can be found here and summarises the overall process.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!