I’m Ozlem Halibryam and I'm currently a second year student studying Business Management with Marketing in addition to being Head of Charities for the Pearson College London Student Association (PCSA).

My role as Head of Charities

The main aim of my role is to ensure the positive welfare of all students through the support of our charity partners and staff. One of my goals for this year was to increase our number of charity partners. So far we have successfully established bonds with 8 new partners trying to support as many different causes as we can. The main goal is to increase awareness and funds to support those in need.

What is Letters of Love?

In December, we held our first charity event in collaboration with one of our new charity partners, Letters of Love. Letters of Love is a charity that aims to place a smile on a refugee child's face through letters and cards that are sent to children displaced all around the world from countries such as Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria and Sudan.

I came across Letters of Love through a student who sent the idea in as a suggestion back in Freshers Week, and have been discussing and planning the event with them since. I really love what they do and what they stand for and think that it is a lovely and simple, yet effective way to allow for a child to feel some comfort and normality in their life knowing that someone is looking out for them. Overall we got a great response from both students and staff and were able to create over 80 cards that were sent out to children!


What are your plans for the PCSA in 2020?

Going forward into the new year, the PCSA will not fall short on the upcoming charity events. The plan is to have a charity week but that is all I can say so far, so make sure to keep an eye out on the PCSA socials.

If you have any suggestions or ideas you want to put forward, feel free to contact me or a member of the PCSA!

The letters of love website - https://letters-of-love.org
The letters of love Instagram - @lettersoflove 2018

-By Ozlem Halibryam (2nd year Business Management with Marketing student)