Here at Pearson College London, we have lots of societies for you to join and Sebastian Reca is our 'Head of Societies' in the PCSA 2019/2020! Our societies range all the way from E-sports to Dance Society!


E-sports Society

E-sports Society is our gaming society where we host termly tournaments as well as more casual meet-ups. This is our biggest society and at the Fresher's event, there were over 100 attendees! At the meet-ups, there's food and drink and there's always a range of games so it doesn't matter if you're an expert or a complete beginner. It's a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Dance Society

Dance Society is where students from all different courses meet up and learn a street dance routine over several weeks. Students with all levels of skills and abilities are welcome to attend! This is a great society to join if you want to keep fit and learn/develop a new skill. A great way to dance off the stress of studies!

Cards Club Society

This is one of our more casual societies at Pearson College London that meet a couple of times a week. Cards Club Society is where students come together to play card games, such as 'Texas Hold'em Poker' and 'Black Jack'. Anyone with any skill set can join, even if you have no idea how to play and just want to learn!


LGBT+ Society

Whether you are part of the LGBT+ community or an ally, you are welcome to join this new society! Our LGBT+ society provides a safe space for everyone and is a great way to meet new people and to learn about each other's LGBT+ journeys.

Film Society

If you want to watch a lot of films, this is the perfect society for you! The aim of this society is to, basically, watch films and analyse them! This is a great skill to have as it can help you develop different perspectives and understandings of different themes and contexts. A range of film genres are explored and discovered!

Character Design Society

This society is aimed at those of you at Escape Studios to help you design and build characters for your assignment and coursework! This is a great way to get extra help and develop your skills further!


Tabletop Society

Tabletop Society is all about board games! At this society, they play a range of board games but a common favourite is 'Dungeons and Dragons', which they play on a regular basis. Even if you're new to board games and just want to have a go, you're more than welcome to join!

Create Your Own Society

If none of these societies speak to you, you can always make your own! You can be the head of your own society and create a team of people to help you. This way you can create it based on a topic that suits your interests! You can also request funding to start your chosen society which can help you get up and running! Why not give it a go?

For more information about creating your own society and a full list of our current soceties (new ones are always added), visit the PCSA website here!