How did you get into games?

Jordan - I studied a degree in Computer Graphics and after I completed my degree I spent a few months developing my portfolio before landing a job in a VR studio as a Material Artist.

Phil - In my final year at university, I started to contact web design companies, companies I wanted to work for and where I knew I could build up my skills and develop as an artist.

My advice for anyone looking to get started in the industry is to be persistent and target the right jobs for you.

What's the best thing about our courses?

Jordan - The course content and relevance to what the industry are doing. We mirror what it feels like to work in industry.

What I like most about the games industry is that it’s a balance between creative and technology.

What advice would you give to students before applying?

Jordan - Attendance counts towards your degree. Know the difference between playing games and working in games. Just because you like playing games doesn’t mean you’ll like making them.

Phil - Make sure you know what the course is about and research the course before you apply. You need to know what you're going to be taught throughout your degree to make sure its the right degree for you.


What do you like to see in creative portfolios and interviews?

Phil - I like to see 3D models as this maximises the use of something and has a lot of purposes. Make sure you explore something more than once; characters and different poses. It shows range and adds more to your portfolio. Other great things to include in your portfolio are modelling, UVs and textures. Being able to draw is a massive advantage and photography is always good to see in portfolios.

I would also say you need to have used 3D software before or at least opened it and had a brief look around to see how it all works. It will help you massively once you get onto the course.


Jordan - I like to see creativity and someone's ability to respond to feedback. Show off your different art skills, go to places like museums to get inspired and add these to your portfolio.

You need to show how passionate you are about the industry. Make sure you show your enthusiasm.