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Portfolio 'Tips and Tricks' for Visual Effects (VFX) (Undergraduate)

Ellie Carrick

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You may have seen that at Escape Studios, as part of your application, we ask you to bring along a portfolio of work to your Creative Workshop. We thought we would give you some tips and tricks for your portfolio if you have applied to a VFX degree course.


The VFX Degree is Based Around Two Components:

  1. Compositing: you will learn about compositing, colour correction and keying in this industry-aligned topic.

  2. 3D VFX: this gives you a core understanding of the role of 3D in VFX production. You will use 3D tools, techniques and approaches used by current production teams to create final rendered images.


Things You Might Want to Consider in Your Portfolio

  • Photography - we want to know what inspired you to take a certain photo and why you took them. Think about how you achieved different lighting and elements of the photo. If you have edited your photo, i.e. using photoshop, tell us why you did it and how you did it.

  • 3D Work - as 3D VFX is a large section of the course, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the software we use, which is 'Autodesk Maya', even if it is only a basic understanding.

  • Drawings - ideas usually start with drawings and a range of drawings is good. Consider life, landscape and technical style drawings.

  • Showreel - an in-depth guide to showreels can be found here and it doesn't need to be any longer than a couple of minutes. We just want to see your best work!


Moreover, in your portfolio, we really want to see your process. How did you come up with your idea? Did it go as you expected? Is there anything you would change? How did you get to the end result? And, remember, to put your best work first!

"I would feature projects you are proud of and passionate about, as that will make it easier talking about it and answering questions."
Jamie Stokes, second year VFX student

We also have a more generic portfolio guide which can be downloaded here and summarises the overall process.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us!

Portfolio 'Tips and Tricks' for Visual Effects (VFX) (Undergraduate)
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