Today, we sat down with Thibau Grumett, head of the Cards Club society at the Pearson College London Student Association (PCSA). Take a look at what the society involves.

The Pearson College London Cards Club aims to have fun! We meet up once or twice a week and blow off steam while playing various different card games, the main one being 'Texas Hold’em Poker'. We aim to teach new members how to play and use different skills and strategies to end up playing a great game. We’re envisioning a little Black Jack, but members can play any card game they wish.


For the past two years, I’ve been playing my best friend at Poker almost daily. Seeing as we were both off to separate universities, I knew I would miss beating... I mean playing him! So, I started the Poker Club, which has since turned into the Cards Club. It’s a chance for all members to chill after a long day of studying, and we always have biscuits and occasionally some drinks. It’s also a chance for players to learn new skills such as card math and psychological responses.

The main highlight so far has been seeing the people who, when they first joined, didn’t know how to play and are now pretty good. We’ve also had a few impressive hands, one such hand saw two players go all in, one with a full house (three of the same card and two of the same card) and another with four of a kind (all four of one card on the table).

Currently, we play on the second floor on every Monday evening.

If you'd like to find out more about the societies offered, head over to the PCSA website.

-By Thibau Grumett (2nd year Business Management student)