We sat down with June, Business Management with Finance student at Pearson Business School, to discuss her experience of the LVMH Industry event.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is June and I am in my first year (Level 4) of my BA (Hons) Business Management with Finance degree at Pearson Business School.

Why did you choose to study at Pearson College London?

In comparison to other universities, Pearson college London gives you industry training and also gives students opportunities to network with people in the industry. I don’t think other higher education institutions give students as many opportunities; so that’s what attracted me to study here.

What was the event?

I attended the LVMH employer insight and networking event, exclusive to Pearson Business School students. The event was essentially an opportunity for us to find out more about the company, what opportunities might be available there, what some key employees do day-to-day, and also about CSR.

Why were you interested in attending?

I’ve been applying for internships and work experience and I wanted to see if there was another industry that I might be able to go into. The luxury goods sector is really interesting so I wanted to find out more. I initially thought that there would be a huge focus on fashion, but there are so many other opportunities that I could get involved with. I wanted to see how a business in a different sector could apply to my course and my future goals.

What happened at the event?

We arrived at the event and networked for around 30 minutes. The first part of the event was a presentation about LVMH as a company: their structure, history and subsidiaries. They then went on to deliver a second presentation about their CSR programme and the initiatives that they are implementing in order to be more socially responsible as a business.

We then had a networking break and then we came back and listened to more presentations from employees such as the Category Manager, interns and apprentices about what they do on a day-to-day basis which gave us an insight into the different roles at the company.

Finally, they went through the roles that are available at LVMH, when to apply for them and then there was another networking section at the end.

What were your three key learnings from the event?

Broaden my search - as a finance student, it is very easy to just apply for banks and accounting firms when it comes to internships. I learned that I don’t have just focus on financial institutions.

Research the business and what they are actually looking for. I assumed that you would have to have a fashion background to work for LVMH, but they explained that they are more interested in passion and interest showed through research.

Learning about the parts of the business because I didn’t realise how many brands are owned by LVMH so ensuring that in future, I make myself aware of the full business.

How is Pearson College London giving you these industry opportunities?

I found out about this event through the Work Fitness Centre App and it was also in the student newsletter.

What advice would you give to other students when networking with professionals?

I would say to do your research about the company and the key speakers because this will give you talking points and proves that you are interested in the business. It can also aid you in asking really interesting questions and have meaningful conversations, consequently showing a passion and engagement for the industry.

So do as much research as you can!