During 11th-15th November, we hosted our final Work Fitness Week of 2019; the programme of events are designed to help our students to get "Work Fit", combining studies, industry experience and well-being to achieve the perfect balance.

The Work Fitness Programme consists of three elements:

  • Academic nutrition (academic requirements) - we feed our student’s academic skills and knowledge, so they graduate with a valuable qualification that will act as a strong foundation for a successful career.
  • Core personal development (personal development needs) - core strength keeps us up, balanced and moving! Through core personal development sessions, our students get to learn how to enhance their self-awareness, personal brand and self-confidence.
  • Professional workouts (industry contact time) - our students get to grow their network of contacts at our industry events, or whilst participating in an internship. They get to build their industry knowledge and strengthen their understanding. They also have the opportunity to find mentoring opportunities or apply for exclusive jobs. In turn, all of this ensures that a Pearson College London student’s CV stands out from the crowd.

To further support our students’ learning and development needs, we’ve developed the Work Fitness Centre, a platform that acts as a hub with all the latest tools, resources and news, to support their academic nutrition needs, core personal development needs and professional workouts.

Our first Work Fitness Week ran in October and was rounded-off with our Industry Day on Strategy and Innovation at the end of the week...

This time around, we changed some of the activities to focus on Intra and Entrepreneurship; check out what happened...

Monday 11th November

Mock Interview and CV Clinic Pearson Business School

This session enabled students to practise being interviewed, or get feedback on their CV, or both. They were given 30 minutes of one-to-one time with an interviewer to brush up on their interview skills, the session involved:

  • Practicing their interview technique in a friendly and supportive environment
  • Receiving immediate feedback and tips on how to strengthen their communication skills and respond to common interview questions, such as:
  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. How do you manage your time and prioritise tasks?
  3. Give me an example of a time when you have faced a challenging situation. How did you resolve it?
  4. What are your career goals?


The interviews, drawn from organisations such as Pearson, Red Carnation Hotels and Contented Brothers agency were conducted by recruitment specialists or experienced hiring managers.

Students were also given the choice about whether to spend some or all of their 30 minute session working on their CV, another fantastic opportunity for self-reflection and professional development.

Mock Interview and CV Clinic Escape Studios

This session was designed to enable students to practise being interviewed, or get feedback on their CV, or both.

“Yesterday's mock interviews was very helpful to understand what recruiters are looking for in a candidate for a job in the industry. I received helpful feedback on how to structure my CV specifically targeted for entering this kind of industry. It will be nice to meet other people from different companies as well to create a network.” - Federico Bonato, Escape Studios student

They were given 30 minutes of one-to-one time with an interviewer to have a mock interview and feedback on their CV. This allowed students to:

  • Practice their interview technique in a friendly and supportive environment.
  • Receive immediate feedback and tips on how to strengthen their communication skills and responses to common interview questions, such as:
  1. Why do you want to work in VFX/Games/Animation?
  2. How do you manage your time and prioritise tasks?
  3. Give me an example of a time when you have faced a challenging situation on a team project. How did you resolve it?
  4. What are your career goals and how do you plan to reach them?

Our students also had the added treat of being interviewed by professionals from studios such as Framestore, Blue Zoo, Milk and The Third Floor.

“My mock interview with Outpost was an incredible opportunity and was very helpful to me. The advice Leanne gave me will be very helpful once I get in the industry.” - Victoria Pleschko, Short Course Student


LinkedIn Photoshoot

This professional photoshoot allowed students to enhance their online profile to give it added impact.

The photoshoot was led by Jon Selwood, the Senior Graphic Designer at Pearson College London and a keen amateur photographer. He spent a few minutes with each student taking some portrait shots and ensured they were happy with the results.

Tuesday 12th November

De-constructing Diversity Workshop

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are words we hear nearly everyday, from every part of our world. Efforts to create environments where everyone is welcomed, encouraged and supported, with equal access to resources and opportunity can be found in every facet of our lives, from education to business to the politics of government.

In this interactive and thought provoking workshop students benefited from:

  • gaining a clearer understanding of why diversity, equity and inclusion is so critical
  • how actions can help to promote diversity
  • exploring the true aspiration of diversity efforts
  • exploring the impact of bias and micro-aggression on our marginalised minority community

The facilitator of this workshop, Tia Finn, is a creative designer and facilitator of executive-level learning, with certifications in life and career coaching.

Wednesday 13th November

Internship Workshops Pearson Business School

This interactive workshop with the Pearson Business School internship team was designed to help students to:

  • figure out career aims, goals and motivations
  • get on the right track in the search for the perfect internship opportunity
  • understand the ‘dos and don'ts’ of writing a great CV

Not only did students leave this session knowing all they needed to know about internships at Pearson Business School, but they also had a clearer idea of where they aim to go after graduation and how an internship can help them to get there.

Internship Workshops - Escape Studios

This session was facilitated by Escape Studios’ very own Andy Brassington (Head of Strategic Projects) with special guest Simon Devereux, Group Head of Learning and Development for award winning content creation studio, The Mill. Simon oversees a global training curriculum for The Mill’s studios in London, New York, LA and Chicago. He has over 13 years of creative industry experience and is the Founder and Director of creative industry inclusion movement ACCESS:VFX, which has a global membership of 40 award-winning visual effects, animation and games studios, and 10 industry and educational institutions.

Finding an internship during your course, or even at the end of it, can be a fantastic way to learn more about the industry. An internship within a working studio environment helps students understand and prepare for getting into industry. In many cases, during an internship, there is the opportunity to work on shots and feel part of a real creative team. The session was able to answer many of our student’s questions, including:

  • What is an internship?
  • How do I apply for one?
  • How long will it last?
  • What will I learn?
  • What will be expected of me?

Thursday 14th November

Introduction to Mindfulness workshop

Mindfulness is a set of specific meditative practices that, when carried out regularly, can help train attention, regulate emotions, manage stress and decrease anxiety. It is used in many different domains, such as work and education, and is also provided as a clinical intervention by the NHS. It also enables increased attention and awareness of the present moment and includes non-judgement, compassion and curiosity as foundational principles. The huge increase in both the popularity of Mindfulness and the scientific research surrounding it is a testament to its benefits.

This session was aimed at the core personal development (personal development needs) area of keeping work fit, and allowed students to learn mindfulness techniques from Lisa Wren, Mindfulness Teacher, who has been practising Mindfulness since 2011 and holds a BSc in Psychology with Neuroscience.

Friday 15th November - Intra and Entrepreneurship Industry Day

The Intra and Entrepreneurship industry day was hosted on the final day of Work Fitness Week Two, it aimed to educate and inspire students about the arts of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship. Students heard from:

  • Aiden Cramer, Co-Founder and CEO of JobLab
  • Mae Yip and Sam Hornsby, Co-Founders of ERIC Festival
  • David Spears, Intrapreneur
  • Arnold du Toit, a self-professed serial entrepreneur
  • Mariam Asmar, Planning Partner, Digital and Innovation Lead, McCann
  • David Horne, Founder and Chairman, Add Then Multiply


Students that attended were able to:

  • Learn how to get an intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial venture funded and launched
  • Hear from a range of organisations, small and large - with the chance to find out more about them
  • Gain lots of opportunities to interact with experts in intra and entrepreneurship
  • Ask questions about their business ventures and, during the entrepreneurial challenge, your team will be mentored by them
  • Practice their networking skills and find out what opportunities their business offers for graduates
  • Apply the knowledge from their studies to experiencing the process of setting up an entrepreneurial venture.

Here’s an insight into what the agenda looked like on the day:

  • Arrival: Free refreshments and breakfast for all attendees.

  • Morning session: Our panel of industry guests introduced their business and talked about their experience of intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship.

  • Lunchtime: A free delicious lunch and the opportunity to network.

  • Afternoon session: The students worked in groups on an entrepreneurial challenge, guided by experienced mentors and learned first hand about the process, benefits and challenges of preparing to get a venture funded and launched.

"Pearson College London is incredible! Lisa Giles is doing so well to put on the industry weeks every half term, which is packed with incredible events and there are extra events posted around the campus on the walls and hidden in the newsletters every week. With an endless stream of opportunity, it’s impossible to grasp them all. I haven’t disliked any I have been to so far!" - Thibau Grumett, Level 4 Business Management with Marketing student

We hope you enjoyed the sessions and are looking forward to joining us for the next series of Work Fitness Week events during February!