As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, we are showcasing our student business ventures and charities that they have set up either alongside their course, or as part of a personal interest.

This is The Apprentice Voice, a non-profit, independent organisation with a focus on making positive changes within the apprenticeship system in England.

What is the name of your business?

The Apprentice Voice

What is the purpose of your business?

The aim of The Apprentice Voice is to represent apprentices and initiate positive change within the apprenticeship system.

What gave you the idea to set up 'The Apprentice Voice'?

We formed due to our shared views on certain aspects of apprenticeships, such as the cost of travel for apprentices and the stereotypes that apprentices are faced with. We recognise that there are a lot of schemes in place to get students into an apprenticeship, but once you commence, there can be issues with the programme.

Understanding the true value of apprentices to companies and the economy, we were passionate for apprentices to feel represented. We want all apprentices in England to have a voice.

What would be your elevator pitch?

We are The Apprentice Voice (TAV), an independent, nonprofit organisation. Formed of three apprentices who voluntarily work on behalf of apprentices across the country to share their views and opinions in the hope of initiating positive changes within the apprenticeship system.

Have you had any success with the business so far?

Our aims and objectives are long-term and changing perceptions, regulations and the system are not simple tasks, these challenges will take time but with consistent, persistent efforts we know we will impact the apprenticeship system for the better.

However, in the short time in which we have been running The Apprentice Voice, we have met with influential people such as MPs and also the Department of Education.

What have your biggest achievements been to-date, in relation to your business?

We carried out primary research across England to understand the biggest issues apprentices are facing and published our first report highlighting the key areas for improvement. From this we have secured press releases as well as various meetings with the government.

What are your future plans for the business?

To continue giving apprentices a voice. As we expand our network we hope to increase our impact on the apprenticeship system and see the change we initiated rolled out across the country.

Are you alone in this enterprise or are there others getting involved?

It is a collaborative project, with myself and two other apprentices.

How has Pearson Business School helped you with this enterprise?

In the first year of the Business Management degree, students learn how to start their own business, covering all areas from law to marketing and website design to customer service. This helped us in forming The Apprentice Voice and supported the development and direction of the business.

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