Have a career aspiration but unsure of how to get there? This one's for you.

My name is Anis and I’m a Level 5 student at Pearson College London. I am studying Business Management with Marketing and in the future, I hope to become a Marketing Consultant. This aspiration only came about a few months ago and up until recently, I had absolutely no idea how to turn it into a reality.

Benefits of Mentoring Workshop

Recently, I attended a workshop about the benefits of mentoring. At this event, I realised that if I could get advice from someone already working in the field, it would give me the opportunity to become better prepared for a future in the marketing industry. When researching my options, I found Pearson College London’s Friends Of Pearson College London programme. The process is simple - the Talent Development team at Pearson College London matches students with potential mentors whose current position within Pearson plc matches the ambitions of the student.

My Mentors

I was matched with two potential mentors from Pearson, Natalie and Marina. Natalie is a Marketing Manager, specialising in branding, data analysis and marketing strategy, while Marina is a Content Marketing Executive, who specialises in content creation, both digital and print, as well as strategy and market research. After explaining their career journeys and what exactly they do, my mentors then asked about my experience; what I’ve achieved, what I enjoy, what my career aspirations are and so on. We then devised a mentoring plan, which would cover the next few months. Each mentor will take turns meeting with me at one-month intervals to cover varying topics ranging from optimising my career profiles to drafting successful marketing plans.

Why students should find a mentor

There are multiple reasons why I’d urge other students to find a mentor. Firstly, you get advice from someone who is experienced in the industry. They cover topics that you could only learn by practice - this is vital for students looking to land a graduate job, as you’ll already be ahead of the competition. The knowledge they have is useful if you’re trying to start your own business too. For example, I’m currently working on a few freelance marketing projects and prior to finding my mentors, my meetings with clients were fairly unstructured. However, Natalie helped me devise a marketing process plan, which is applicable across any client-base. Now, my meetings are far more structured and productive - this has given me so much more confidence in my ability to understand the client needs and deliver.

A very understated advantage of mentorship is motivation. While I am ambitious, I often go through prolonged periods of demotivation. Having mentors who will check up on my progress keeps me motivated to keep working hard, be ready to share my progress and learn more during our next session.

Recommendations for other students

I would highly recommend that other students find a mentor, regardless of where they are in their academic journey. There is always someone out there who can teach you something valuable. Personally, I know that I now have a much better chance of landing a graduate job and eventually starting my own business in the long term.

Armed with several new tools and a wealth of knowledge, I am now working to a far higher standard - both with my freelance clients and with my degree. I find myself looking forward to my mentoring sessions, as each time I have an opportunity to learn more about the marketing industry.

I hope this post has been useful and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Good luck!

Blog written by Anis Johir