The Sorcerer’s Apprentice experience in real life.

On your usual rainy Friday morning, 6 students from Pearson College London gathered at the Marriott Hotel in Regents Park to help and participate in a not-so-usual event, the Innovation Masterclass. Welcomed by Mr Duncan Wardle, former Head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, we knew right away we would have a fantastic day.

We were not wrong. We were assigned tasks to welcome and register other guests, assist the photographer and videographer, as well as lead Duncan’s energizing exercises throughout the day.

At 8:30 am we all sat down to begin learning the rules and tools of design thinking. It was nothing like your regular lecture, but rather a full-blown apprenticeship experience in just under 8 hours. Duncan took us all on a journey through his Imagination Emporium, a somewhat steam-punk themed world, where he would make stops to introduce us to different stages on how to conjure solid ideas from thin air.

Throughout the day we’d been challenged to switch between expansionist thinking mode, playfulness, curiosity, interrogation and finally the reductive thinking mode. By the end of that day, we delivered nearly 60 different ideas to a single given problem and were able to crystallize it into 3 brilliant ones.

The experience left us inspired, buzzing and laughing. We were ready to go out there and change the world, one idea at a time.

I can’t describe how grateful I was for the opportunity that the Pearson College London and Escape Studios had given us. I had networked with creative minds from around the world and London. I’d learned skills that are relevant and useful in finding solutions and generating ideas. And I also spent a wonderful and fun day with my colleagues from the Uni: Jordan, Ruth, Christine, Thibau and Jaap. For that, I must thank Mrs Beth Baker, the Head of Student Talent Development and Mr Andrew Griffiths, the Institute of Directors Ambassador for Young Directors, without whom this workshop would not take place and who found in all 6 of us the energy they had been looking for.

Blog written by Viktor