We sat down with Caroline, a Level 5 Business Management student, to discuss her and her team’s success at the Industry Day during Work Fitness Week. Caroline was part of the winning team for the Challenge set by Sam Baker, a partner at Deloitte, and she shares her experiences in this blog.

What was the task during the industry day?

Our challenge was a marketing business challenge focusing on market penetration. We had to choose a company and then a new market for it to penetrate. For our idea, we chose Primark and we chose to go with the mega-trend of people generally becoming more environmentally conscious.

The area that we chose to focus in on was for Primark to have a more environmentally conscious range of clothing and perhaps showcase this in a specified area of the store. We also thought about promoting this new range via a catwalk in the shops as well.

So it is very different from what they are doing now but I think that was the point.

What did you do in order to win?

Sam Baker, who is a partner at Deloitte, was overseeing the challenge and he gave us a framework to follow as part of the challenge. It made the marketing penetration process a lot easier to follow.

We were then tasked with putting all of our information into a presentation and then presenting it back to the group that were allocated the same task, which was around 10 to 15 students, plus Sam from Deloitte.

It was only a small group to present to so it wasn’t too intimidating. Sam also gave us constructive feedback on our presentation, which was great.

What did you do at Deloitte?

We arrived at their second office in Chancery Lane and we were greeted by two HR members of staff upon arrival. These two members of staff are heavily involved in the recruitment onto internship programmes. We were then taken to a room and introduced to another partner at Deloitte who is Head of Risk Aversion and Management; he had lunch with us and we spoke to him about his role, people management and how he manages his stress and just day-to-day life at Deloitte.

The two ladies who work in HR then spoke to us about the internship programmes that they run and convinced us to try out for some of them. They gave us some other information about the company.

Overall, it was quite informal, which was nice in such a corporate environment.

How is Pearson College London providing you with industry opportunities?

Pearson College London has a new Work Fitness App which hosts all of the events and then this is promoted in the newsletters and around Pearson Business School.

What advice would you give to other students when networking with professionals?

I would say to be yourself, but be polite as you are in the presence of professionals. I would also advise others to think of good questions to ask them because it is not every day that you get the opportunity to network and meet with people that are so high up in these big companies.

Finally, I would say to reach out to them afterwards and connect with them; I connected with them on LinkedIn and emailed one of the HR members of staff regarding one of the internship programmes so that my name is on their radar when it comes to hiring.

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