Second year degree apprentice Gabriella Kyriacou explains what her role involves working at Mondelez. Take a look:

What is your role at Mondelez?

I’m currently a Sales Development Executive at Mondelez. I am based in Central London, where I have 128 independent retailers that I visit every month. My job is to build a commercial relationship with these retailers, consult merchandising recommendations, and sell-in volumes! All these aspects ensure that retailers have optimum product range which has both commercial benefits, but also helps retailers grow their businesses further.

Moreover, I love working with the best brands! Who doesn’t love chocolate and biscuits?!

Who are Mondelez and what do they do?

Mondelez is a multi-national confectionary, food and beverage holding company that owns many of the world’s favourite snacking brands like Cadbury, Oreo, Belvita, Toblerone and Ritz!

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What rotations do you get to do each year?

I’ve completed my first-year rotation where I worked in Category Development. For this rotation, I was analysing macro trends, and key snacking drivers within the Biscuits market (I worked in the Biscuits department, sounds funny I know!).

I also provided detailed analysis and insight into category opportunities within the market, as well as detailed competitor analysis. I’m currently in my second rotation as a Sales Development Executive, where I will be in this role for 6 months. My final rotation will be in Sales Revenue Planning, where I will be in role for 18 months.

How would you describe a typical week at Mondelez?

No week is ever the same at Mondelez, and that is honestly what I love about it! Different customers have different needs, and my approach would be tailored to fit these needs. In some periods, the business focus could be based on selling in volumes: for example, sell 500 cases of crème eggs to my dedicated retailers.

Activities like this has taught me SO much about negotiation and sales fundamentals (as well as understand how much people actually love crème eggs!). On other periods, my goal will be to re-merchandise stores. By that I mean renovating retailer stores to ensure optimum Mondelez displays which will drive sales and facilitate visual awareness of brands.

How do you split your time between working and studying?

Splitting time between working, studying (and having a social life!) can prove challenging at times, but planning and preparation is vital. It’s important to anticipate future demands. When I know that deadlines are approaching, I ensure that the projects I undertake at work still allow me time and energy to spend on my studies. Mondelez are really facilitating on his. I’m able to communicate any ‘pinch-points’ to my manager, and they will make sure that work requests and demand remains manageable.

I find that having a structured day allows me to ensure that work and studying can be effectively completed. Whilst it might seem a bit excessive, having dedicated days of the week to studying, lecture-watching, gym, and socialising means you can plan and foresee your week ahead!

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What modules are you currently studying?

I’m currently studying Strategic Marketing, and Introduction to Contract Law. I attend my seminars for these every Friday, and watch the recorded lectures for these after work on on the weekends.

What’s been the highlight of working for Mondelez so far?

The highlight of working for Mondelez so far has been working on really fun, engaging and tasty brands. In my first rotation, I worked on the strategy for Mikado. I worked with the Marketing team to devise a plan of action to bring awareness back to the brand: promotions, product-sampling in store, and new adverts was just some of the actions we put together!

What top tip would you give to someone applying for a degree apprentice?

Embrace every opportunity you’re given!