Making your UCAS application is the first step towards the next stage in your education. If you find yourself continually perfecting parts of your personal statement, or anxious about the institutions you’ve chosen, take a look at our students top tips and advice to help you through your application process.

1. Start drafting as soon as possible

“Start your personal statement as early as possible so you will not have to rush near the deadline - trust me!”
-Marlon Neshava (VFX student)

Your personal statement is an important component of your UCAS application, so make sure you start working on it as early as possible. This way, you’ll have more time to review and amend your statement to ensure you’re including your best achievements and thoroughly explaining why you’d like to study that particular course.

2. Proofread

“Get your teachers, as well as friends and family to look over your personal statement. This will give you enough time to review and change any errors.”
-Sebastian Reca (Business Management and Marketing student)

This is an important step in getting your personal statement ready. Remember to not only proofread it yourself, but also get your teachers, classmates, family and friends to take a look and give you feedback. The earlier you do this, the more time you’ll have to fix any errors and get your personal statement ready before the appliction deadline of the 15th January.


3. Ask for references

“References give the institution a chance to hear from people who know you, your personality and what you’ve done in Sixth Form / College.”
-Sebastian Reca (Business Management and Marketing student)

Alongside your personal statement, it is compulsory to include references. These will usually be from your teachers (references can’t be written by your family or friends), and can include information about your work / projects, predicted grades, work experience, and any other achievements and successes. You can ask the teacher writing your reference to read your personal statement to help them prepare.

4. Narrow down your choices

“I narrowed down my choices by attending an Open Day and reading through the Pearson Business School prospectus to see if I would like modules I would be doing. I also spoke to other people to see their choices.”
-Sebastian Reca (Business Management and Marketing student)

Choosing your top five choices (which will then be further reduced to your firm and insurance choices after you’ve received your offers), can be a tricky decision. It is worth taking a look at different materials such as a prospectus or course brochure, and even attending one of our Online Open Days or Taster Days to get a feel if that course is right for you. There is the option of UCAS Extra if you can’t narrow your choices down to just five institutions.

5. Attend an online event

“An Open Day definitely gives you a good idea of what the institution has to offer and what it is all about. All questions you may have can be answered during an Open Day.”
-Antonia Buttigieg (Business Management student)

Online Open Days are a great chance to find out more about Pearson College London and what makes our degrees so unique. It can also be useful in narrowing down your application choices and making sure your choosing the top five institutions that are right for you. You can take a look at our upcoming Pearson Business School events and Escape Studios events on our website.


To find out more information about making your UCAS application, visit the UCAS website, or take a look on our website for more information about Pearson Business School and Escape Studios.