We sat down with First Year Accounting Student, Waisale Basiyalo, to talk about the Strategy and Innovation Industry Day held at the end of Work Fitness Week One - check out what he had to say about it!

Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Waisale Basiyalo and I moved from Portsmouth to study the MSc Professional Accounting in Business course at Pearson College but am originally from Fiji.

Where was the day held?

The event was held at etc Venues near St Paul's. It's a modern conference and events space designed to remove the poorly serviced, old fashioned training venues of the early 1990s.

What happened in the morning?

In the morning before the event started, I arrived at the venue and had to show my virtual ticket to the greeting table and proceeded to collect my name badge. Afterwards, I met some of my friends we all had something to eat and a cup of tea and coffee.

Then we were told that the conference room was ready so we went in and sat down. The industry guests at the event were from Pearson, Deloitte, TIL Ventures, and, etc. Venues.

A new initiative as part of the Work Fitness Centre at Pearson College London is to have Industry Ambassadors: we encourage other students to get involved in industry events such as Industry Days, Work Fitness Weeks and Student Conferences. As an Industry Ambassador, three other students and I were able to introduce the industry speakers.

The panel of industry guests each introduced their business and gave an insight into what they look for in graduates. They also raised issues of strategy and innovation that are important to them right now.

What was it like to introduce the speaker?

I had the honour of introducing Dominic James, Venues Director at etc. Venues. Introducing anyone especially someone in a high position is extremely stressful and quite frankly scary and I being the first to introduce, was responsible for setting the atmosphere and the scene. But with faith and a little prayer I did it and I found it exciting and surprisingly easy. I loved it and would do it again.

What happened in the afternoon?

In the afternoon, after the guest speakers had finished talking and we had finished asking questions, we were then put into our groups and split up into different areas of the venue.

We each had a guest speaker to brief us on the topic of our three-minute presentations and what we need to do to possibly win. After the briefing we all went for some lunch and then got stuck into our group work and then went onto presenting at the end.

What was the prize for the winning team?

The winning groups from each challenge were invited to have lunch with the guest speakers and their teams. They will also be presenting their winning pitch and ideas to the companies again.

If you had to describe the day in one word, what would it be?

One word to describe this event would be...


It was truly worth my time and everyone else's. We learned so many valuable technical skills as well as quality-based knowledge such as that personality is important in business, not just grades.

I had a grand time and very much am looking forward to our next Industry day.

We hope that all students enjoyed the sessions and are looking forward to joining us for the next series of Work Fitness Week events during November!

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