Thank you to everyone that participated in the October Work Fitness Week, it’s been jam packed! Here’s a round-up of everything that happened last week!

Monday - Building your Brand for Successful Job Searching, CV Clinics and Interviews, Professional Photography

It was a busy Monday evening in the Midtown Campus, where many of you really benefited from studying within a FTSE 100 company, by making the most of attending the industry-focused employability sessions! Everyone that joined the session got a chance to practice their interview techniques and their CV was given a once over by Pearson Plc colleagues, who gave their expert advice to help our students shine.

"The CV Clinic on Monday was one of my highlights of the week. It provided us with the rare opportunity to get multiple perspectives and feedback on our CVs as opposed to just feedback on our interviewing style in general. This was so beneficial because, after all, the CV gives the first impression!" - Lucy Thompson, Law student


Rachel Farley, a recruitment expert and an Executive Consultant from Heidrick & Struggles, also ran a session on ‘building your personal brand’, for successful job searching. She also gave great advice on how to approach the dreaded job search!

We also had a photography station set up so that all attendees could make the most of enhancing their online profiles and by having a professional photo taken for use on LinkedIn! A vast amount of recruitment takes place through LinkedIn, so if you missed out on this occasion, be sure your profile is picture perfect in future, by having your snap taken next time during our November Work Fitness Week!

Tuesday - The Benefits of Mentoring

First of all, a huge round of applause for the PCSA team who set up a fantastic Peer-to-Peer mentoring programme between level 4 and level 5 and 6 students.

The programme launched on Tuesday, following a mentor training session, setting the scene between mentor and mentees. An introduction was also given to a mobile mentoring app, lead by Nazia Sakar, a mentoring expert.

As Nazia outlined, the role of a mentor and mentee is a fantastic way to develop professionally and personally, so well done to all those that have taken advantage of the opportunity!

If you’d like to benefit from having a mentor, our Friends of Pearson College London initiative offers you the opportunity to be allocated a mentor within Pearson Plc, so you’ll benefit from the breadth of expertise within our FTSE100 Company. If this opportunity is of interest to you, please send an email to, outlining why you would like a mentor.

Wednesday - Presenting at your Best

On Wednesday, we were joined by Tia Finn, an experienced Executive and Career Coach who is devoted to helping others face their fears about presenting. As a published author, and lifelong artist, Tia brought her own creative approach to help each student discover their own unique talent and energy. She offered a number of practical tips on how to improve your presentation skills, she helped all attendees to prepare for their academic studies, to start to think about how they can be prepared for their future employment and it was also a really valuable session in order to prepare for delivering a presentation, ahead of Friday's Industry Day!

Thursday - Career networking all the way to CEO and an Introduction to Mindfulness

We love to invite influential industry speakers in so that you get to learn from the best! To that end, we were joined by John Jeffcock, CEO, Winmark Plc on Thursday for an insight into networking. From finding himself in debt to being the Chief Executive of a multi-million pound business, John told his personal story, giving attendees an insight into how he built his company up from an initial idea, to the success it is today. He gave attendees an insight into:

  • the power of networking and how to network successfully, throughout your career
  • what you personally need to do, where the power resides and how to create powerful networks to get things done
  • top teams including “the C-Suite” and he explained how they can be organised to create value
  • why most people aren’t invited to be the CEO
  • how to become the boss!

As if that wasn’t enough for one day, a workshop held by Ashley Lodge, Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead for Pearson, was also delivered on Thursday! The workshop gave all attendees:

  • an overview of how Mindfulness works
  • an insight into the psychology and neuroscience underpinning Mindfulness
  • the opportunity to participate in a meditation session
  • the opportunity to discuss the meditation experience with the group

We hope you enjoyed the different experiences and were able to attend and make the most of them!

Friday - Industry Day (Pearson, Deloitte, TIL Ventures, etc. Venues)

What a day! It kick-started with a free breakfast (who doesn’t love a free breakfast?!); we were then joined by a number of industry giants, including Pearson, Deloitte, TIL Ventures, etc. Venues. Our panel of industry guests each introduced their business and gave all attendees an insight into what they are looking for in graduates. They also raised issues of strategy and/or innovation that are important to them right now, giving our students an insight into timely, topical and relevant challenges faced within industry.

Lunch was provided (another amazing perk as lunch was also free of charge!) and offered an amazing opportunity to network with our industry guests.

In the afternoon, all attendees were split into small groups, supported by one of our industry guests, to respond to a real business challenge. They were then given the opportunity to present their ideas back and received verbal feedback from industry experts - you can’t beat that! A winning team was selected for each challenge and the celebrations continued at The Paternoster pub, a short walk from the venue, what a way to end a Friday!

"The Pearson Work Fitness Week was a great overall experience. It has made me feel more confident to apply for jobs and has given me a stronger idea about where to find work which suits me. The week, including meeting our mentors, helped build our skills such as networking which we were able to utilise during the industry day, in a professional venue with an industry leading panel! And amazing free food!" - Lucy Thompson, Law student

Missed out during October’s Work Fitness Week? Join us in November!

These sessions will be running again from 11th - 15th November, so if you missed one of them, or attended the sessions and have since reflected, improved, and want to test the water again - please look out for all events within the Work Fitness Centre - places are limited, so get in quick!

You Like Receiving Feedback to Improve - we do too!

We’re looking at the feedback you’ve submitted at the end of each of these events, so we can make all future events bigger and better for you! What we’ve heard from you so far and have taken on board is:
we need to have longer interview sessions
we need to have longer CV sessions

You mentioned that having longer sessions will enable you to make the most of the time and ensure that no one is delayed - for our forthcoming November Work Fitness Week, this is exactly what we’re doing, so thank you to all of those that fed back - you said, we did!

If you haven’t submitted your feedback for any of the sessions you’ve attended yet, there’s still time - pick a session and let us know your feedback.

We hope you enjoyed the sessions and are looking forward to joining us for the next series of Work Fitness Week events during November!