As part of this October’s Work Fitness Week, we were joined by the CEO of Winmark, John Jeffcock, to tell his story about career networking all the way to becoming CEO. He has been a CEO for 22 years, so his tips and advice were very insightful!

The key points I took away from the talk

Before becoming a CEO, John trained in the army. Some of the lessons he learned during his army career he still applies now as a CEO:

  1. Platoon attack - be creative and break the rules
  2. Look after the home team - put your employees first
  3. If you’ve artillery, use it - use your connections
  4. Tenacity - always smile and never give up!

He then discussed how his network helped him on his path to success. Some of John’s top networking tips include:

  1. Be strategic - who do you want in your networking circle? Who can you learn from?
  2. Look for an open group of people (this makes it easier to join a conversation)
  3. Work on your conversation starters e.g. ask them why they came to the event


Work Fitness Week

This talk was just one part of Pearson College London’s Work Fitness Week, organised by our new Work Fitness Centre. The aim of the week was to help students gain some insightful industry experience that was suitable and relevant to students and apprentices at Pearson Business School and Escape Studios.