After leaving college and achieving the results I had hoped for in my A-Levels I thought I had a simple plan. I would take a year to work and travel and then I would be heading to a traditional university just like all of my friends. However, when I began to work full time I realised that going back into full-time education was not for me.

When I heard about degree apprenticeships I had so many questions… is it really possible to both work full time and study full time? How do I find the best apprenticeship? How much will it cost me?

Realising that I really did have the chance to combine practical work and university study with the security of a regular salary seemed too good to be true. Not to mention the fact I would have to pay absolutely nothing towards tuition fees!

I knew that putting what I learn in a classroom into practice would be the best way for me to genuinely understand the information I was being taught. Not only would I see the theories I learn in the classroom come to life but I would also be able to apply everything I learn at work to my essays in the classroom.

Why Pearson?

When I read further into Pearson College London and what they offer I was completely intrigued by their alternative approach towards higher education and the huge amount they had to offer. Being a boutique institution they provide the best teaching from professionals who also balance their time between their career and teaching. This is a huge benefit as they can apply their current knowledge and examples of what they face on a day to day basis, to how and what they teach us. As well as lectures we have weekly seminars where we can sit and chat with our lecturers and tutors enabling us to ask any questions we have and to get to know them.

Alongside the specialist and personal method of teaching, working within Pearson has the benefit of its large number of industry partners. Not only am I able to say I have worked within a FTSE 100 company but they also offer opportunities to spend time working with their industry partners as an intern!

Ultimately, I am lucky enough to say after the next three years I will be a graduate with three years experience working within a FTSE 100 company and no debt from student loans!!!

If you are interested in Pearson College London's degree apprenticeship programmes, visit the Pearson College London website.