We sat down with Katie and Lucy, a Business Management and a Law student, to find out about the Scavenger Hunt during Welcome Week 2019.

What was your task?

Lucy: The task was set by a start-up who was piloting a new idea. As part of it, we were given the letters to make up the word ‘PEARSON’ and we had to go around and find something that illustrated it, being as creative as possible.

What idea did you come up with?

Katie: It was quite nice because we were in the same group for the Shell Challenge and the Scavenger Hunt so it was a great chance to get to know those people and work with them. For ‘P’ we did Post Office; ‘E’ was an interesting one - we went into M&Ms World in Leicester Square and took a photo in front of the different coloured Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets and called it “Equality”; for ‘O’ we did the Odeon sign in Leicester Square; and for ‘S’, we did Short Street.

Lucy: For ‘P’, we did “Pancakes” and we actually went to ‘My Old Dutch’ opposite Pearson College London, which was also a great way to get to know each other whilst doing the challenge. For ‘A’, we did “Architecture” where we took a picture of St Mary's Church; and for ‘R’ we all took a selfie in a mirrored surface to represent “Reflection”.

What did you learn from this challenge?

Katie: I think that it was great to get to know London, especially for those of us who haven’t lived nearby before and might be living in halls. It, like the Shell Challenge, encouraged great communication skills because we were time-restricted and therefore had to split up into groups to explore London; we had to all agree on ideas as well.

Lucy: As well as the challenge itself, it gave us the opportunity to see the connections that Pearson College London has with start-ups as well as the larger corporations. We were able to chat with the start-up business and see how they founded the company. This is a great networking opportunity for us as students, particularly for students that might want to start their own business. It could also provide connections for potential internships in the future.

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