During Month 16 as a degree apprtice, I have yet again been super busy! Check out what I have been doing.

Level 4 Results

I got my results back for Level 4 this month, and although they do not count towards the final degree classification, I was pleased with my overall grade. This has put me in good stead for the year ahead and I know how I work best now, so I can be more productive overall.

Work Experience at PR Agency

This month, I was lucky enough to do four days of work experience at our PR Agency. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to see how the PR world works and what it looks like to work agency-side. The team were super welcoming and keen for me to get on with various tasks relating to a vast array of clients. This was something that I had never done before but the positive feedback was really encouraging for me to further develop my skills in the future.
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Photo by Nik Shuliahin / Unsplash

Welcome Back Day

I was also welcomed back to Level 5 of my degree this month, which was a jam-packed activity day consisting of different workshops that would aid different areas of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship programme. For example, looking at making research projects relevant to the workplace, looking at getting 20% off the job training, building a personal brand and working deep and working well (organisational techniques).

Back to Seminars

My lectures and seminars for the two new modules that I am studying towards this term have begun. This term I will be studying, Introduction to Contract Law and Strategic Marketing. The seminars this week were an introduction to the topics of the term and each one built upon the lecture that we had watched from earlier that week. The modules this year are really interesting and build on what we learned at Level 4 in a lot more detail.

Higher Education Event

To help out our Student Outreach team, I attended a Higher Education Fair in London for students to find out more about Pearson College London: Pearson Business School and Escape Studios. This is a great way to promote my knowledge of Pearson College and what they do to make the student experience so closely related to industry. It was also a great opportunity for me to reflect on my personal journey at Pearson Business School as a degree apprentice.


I also completed a talk this month on behalf of the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network in a small college. This was a talk aimed at parents to show them how their child can apply for apprenticeships and the types of opportunities available to them out there. This was again, a great way to reflect on my personal experience as an apprentice and my personal favourite things about apprenticeships and the application process that I went through.

It's been pretty varied this month, see you next month when I'll be immersed in my studies once again!

To find out more about Pearson College London's degree apprenticeships, visit the Pearson College London website.