At Pearson College London, degree apprentices typically work 4 days per week and study one day per week within the 190 High Holborn campus.

The Job Role

A degree apprenticeship consists of a real job role within an organisation. Previous job roles that we have advertised for are:

  • Marketing
  • PR
  • Operations
  • Events
  • Client negotiations
  • Business Development
  • Sales
  • Rotation
  • Management
  • ..and many more!
    You could work for a major global company in one of those roles for 4 days a week and then study within a FTSE 100 Company one day per week.

"Being a degree apprentice and working in a fast-paced environment means learning constantly, adapting to change and various situations. My role can vary day-to-day, from researching a particular degree course to analysing datasets for student recruitment, as well as supporting the wider marketing team with uploading data to our CRM system." - Niamh Mulhall, Data and Insight Degree Apprentice

As part of the job role, you are paid a salary of around £14-24k per year; usually £17-18k and the company that you work for pays your tuition fees for you (out of the Apprenticeship Levy.


In the past, Pearson College London has worked with global corporations such as:

  • IBM
  • Unilever
  • L'Oreal
  • Mondelez
  • WPP Ogilvy

Access to these incredible workplaces, as well as UK-based and smaller organisations, is the perfect way to develop a skill set desirable by employers and build up work experience relevant and applicable to a degree course.

"On Monday morning, I use the time to catch up with my emails, and update my weekly reports.
In the afternoon, I regularly have meetings and work on my ongoing tasks.
On Tuesdays I tend to work from home in the morning, and study towards my degree in the afternoon, which is nice as I have a break from commuting.
Wednesdays and Thursdays involve working on monthly newsletters, sending mass emails, updating the website and our different profiles. Sometimes in the evening I'll do some work for university, such as watching lectures so that I can keep my weekends as free as possible!
On Fridays, I travel back into London, but go to university instead, which is nice as it's a good time to ask any questions and also catch up with everyone from the week!"
- Phoebe Walker, Product Marketing Degree Apprentice

The Degree

As a degree apprentice at Pearson College London, you will spend one day per week studying at Pearson Business School towards your BA (Hons) Business Management degree, currently validated by University of Kent.

The degrees are designed, developed and delivered by industry to make sure that you are gaining all the skills required to enter into the workplace as a valuable employee.

Additionally, you will acquire Chartered Manager Status (CMI) as part of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship which recognises the fact that you have demonstrated certain skills to be a manager.

In terms of the teaching, 50% of the degree is contextualised to the workplace. This means that throughout the programme, you complete a variety of Self-Managed Learning modules and Consultancy projects that allow you to carry out research within the workplace and submit it as university coursework. For example, you might identify an issue or problem in the workplace or industry and provide solutions for it to move forward as a team.

"It is cliche to say that no two days as a Degree Apprentice are the same, however, this really is the case! My role in the Events team means on a typical day I spend time working closely alongside other teams to coordinate internal recruitment events for Pearson Business School. This includes liaising with both internal and external contacts involved with the events along with organising the logistics of the day." - Matilda Pinn, Pearson Degree Apprentice

Finally, you get a mentor within the company that you work for, as well as a degree apprentice mentor at Pearson College London who ensures that your academic development is on track. Your manager, you and your degree apprentice mentor will meet on a quarterly basis for reviews.