At Pearson College London, we offer industry talks as well as subject talks at our Open Days that embrace the different subjects we have to offer. The fusion of being both industry and academic-focused is what makes Pearson College London unique, offering you the best of both worlds to prepare you to become a work-fit graduate.

Industry talks

These are talks organised together with external companies (usually one of our industry partners or alumni) to discuss a key topic of influence over their business or the structure of their business. They could bring forward ideas from their professional background or a field of interest from the company they are employed under. The professional background of the individuals can vary as well as the topic of the talk.

These talks are amazing opportunities to network with industry professionals who are experts in their respective fields, helping you build connections and provide opportunities for internships or graduate roles. Additionally, they can be great conversation topics during interviews, as they show that you keep in touch with what is going on in the industry and are interested in gaining knowledge outside of the classroom.

Pearson College London offers a wide range of industry talks for current students, from CEOs of large companies to key influential figures. Some of our recent notable industry talks have come from ASOS Ventures Co-Founder, Daniel Bobroff, who talked about what it takes to be a ‘Game Changer’ in the industry, as well as Head of Brand at Direct Line Group, Piers Newson-Smith, who delivered a talk on the need for innovation.

Three businesswomen
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Subject talks

The subject talks are split between the different discipline streams within the college. The talks will be provided by current academic teachers within the college and will therefore give you first hand experience of what it's like to learn from the tutors themselves.

Subject talks are different to industry talks as they are focused on what students can expect to study within their modules, the style of teaching within the college and the assessment structure. The subject talks are there to provide depth to your understanding of what it is like to be a student in Pearson College London, so make sure to ask as many questions as you can.

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If you’re interested in attending one of our industry talks or subject talks at an Open Day, visit our website!

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