Open days are great opportunities to get a feel for the institution, meet your prospective lecturers, and most importantly, answer as many questions as possible that you may have. The day is designed so you make the most out of your visit and gain insight into what life is like as a student at Pearson College London.

The welcome talk

The welcome talk consists of a brief overview of Pearson College London such as, the history behind our institution, why we’re different to your more traditional university choices, and an overview of what courses we have to offer. This will provide a foundational understanding of what Pearson College is about, including guaranteed internships*, industry days and connections as well as industry professionals as academic lecturers.

“I went to a Pearson Business School open day and felt like it was somewhere I would really fit in. They were offering me a hands-on industry experience in a smaller academic institution.”

Melissa Wimble (Business Management with Marketing Student)

Photo by Russ Martin / Unsplash

Alumni Panel

The alumni panel consists of students who have graduated from the university and are now working in a range of positions from accounting to law. We love having our alumni back to give prospective students first-hand insight. Having already gone through the process of obtaining the degree, they can discuss what the experience was like as well as what they have gained from it.

For example, this year we had Florence Stanton, the digital program advisor at Shell, and Robbie Griffey, the Marketing Manager at SnapRevis, come in and talk about their current roles.

Subject Talks

These are talks from subject leaders here at Pearson College London who will be teaching during the lectures and seminars. They will provide insight into the modules you will be studying as well as how they are assessed. There will also be current students to give you the best insight into what it's like studying the subjects as well as some top tips and tricks!

Taller Bloc
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Student life panel

The student life panel is an opportunity to meet a group of current students. You can ask as many questions as you would like to gain a better perspective of what it is like to be a student at Pearson College London. This includes information such as how students commute to and from college, how they manage part-time work with academic studies and where the best food hot spots around campus are.

*subject to academic performance and attendance

For more information about our Open Days, visit our website. Or check out our Open Day video.