By Harry Sheehan, Degree Apprentice, Pearson College London, Pearson PLC

Hi, I’m Harry, a Pearson Degree Apprentice studying at Pearson College London. In August 2019 I headed to New Delhi, India for a month-long placement as part of the International Rotational Degree Apprenticeship programme that is part of my job.

I’ve been really excited about my placement because it’s a completely new experience with completely new people and in a new culture. This really excites me as I had no idea what to expect but I knew that it was going to be an amazing experience, due to the support system Pearson has in place.

For me, the prospect of yearly placements was a huge enticement of applying for this degree apprenticeship programme, but also being able to work within Pearson, a FTSE 100 company, has allowed me to improve my soft skills so much too.

Since starting my five-week work placement, I have the pleasure of working with the Pearson Professional Programme team, conducting market research into an upcoming training programme that’s being developed for front-line managers.

This massive opportunity has allowed me to gain skills in areas that I would not normally have the chance to develop. For example, I have recently created a comprehensive competitor analysis piece of work on the current market, to allow the team to identify any gaps and understand the needs of the consumer. This experience has also enabled me to develop my interpersonal skills. Being in a new environment and culture with a new set of rules has allowed me to appreciate the subtle differences in how business is conducted in different countries and appreciate the importance of clear communication.

Finally, whilst I’m based out in New Delhi, I would love to dive into the Indian culture, to experience as much music, food and the architecture while I am out here. There is so much to explore and I can't wait to get started!