Whether you have chosen to study Visual Effects, Game Art or Animation, year one of our degrees at Escape Studios are the same. This gives you a chance to see how a project would work in a real studio, work individually and in groups, and try a little bit of each discipline. It will help to give you the all-round skills you’ll need to begin your journey to becoming a professional.


For new students, week 1 of term consists of enrollment (E). This will be your opportunity to enrol at Escape Studios and meet other creatives like you. Then, week 1 to 13 of term are made up of studio time where you work on your projects, and one week of Directed Study.


1. Creative Foundations - Project (30 credits)

This module presents students with a studio-relevant challenge in their first year of studying at Escape Studios, providing a real understanding of team collaboration throughout the creative process. The module requires students to respond to creative project briefs as part of a small team - imitating the professional setup found in industry. The success of the team is dependent on realising a shared vision whilst making the most of the individual strengths of each member.

Teams will be required to pitch their concepts before moving to the development stage - which eventually leads to the team's final product that is ready to be showcased to the client.

2. Creative Foundations - Craft (30 credits)

This module is the chance for students to develop a hands-on understanding of different industry-relevant styles of visual representation. There is a learning focus within three key areas: communicating ideas and concepts in visual forms, the meaning behind an image in context and the way light behaves and interacts with surfaces.

By the end of the module, successful students will benefit from an essential knowledge of key concepts of working in the creative sector, including the study of visual conventions and narratives, the development of traditional creative skills such as drawing and photography and the analysis of visual material of aesthetic value and communication content.

Other Activities

As well as the study element, there are heaps of opportunities at Escape Studios to get involved with. The Pearson College Student Association has various societies and sporting activities that you can get involved in, as well as social events running throughout the year such as Winter Ball, Freshers Week and Summer Ball.

As well as social events, your dedicated Student Experience team do everything in their power to give you a taste of industry. There are regular "An Evening With..." events where you get to listen to and talk to industry professionals. For example, Royce Wesley, a current animator at Pixar and Kevin Hudson, an asset artist at Disney have visited Escape Studios recently. More than 40 industry partners attended a showcase organised for second year Escape UG students too!

Get stuck in, both in the classroom and socially, to make the most of your student experience at Escape Studios!