A list of things your child shouldn't forget to pack when embarking on their adventure in London.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa / Unsplash

This might be the first time they’ve 'flown the nest' and you’re now wondering what your child needs to pack ready to embark on the next chapter of their life. Well don't worry-we’ve got the best list to ensure they’re fully prepared to start their new journey as a student living in the capital city.

  1. Clothes - Clothes are obviously an essential but remember to be realistic with the amount of clothes your child brings. Typically student accommodation rooms don't have a great deal of space, so they can pack their summer clothes when they return home for the following term.
  2. ID - Passport, provisional or an actual driving license. Freshers Week is a great time for your child to socialise and they may need ID on some occasions to do this (and they’ll also need it to enrol at the College)
  3. Tech Devices - It's important to be able to have access to a device where they are able to submit work. Not only useful for their degree, but it also helps them to keep in touch with you! After all - parents need to be updated once in a while too.
  4. Required Documents - Make sure you know what we require your child to bring on their first day, i.e. acceptance letter, student loan information, correspondence and details of accomodation.
  5. Bank Card- Encourage your child to look at promotional bank offers to students. They could find a deal that could potentially save them money on train journeys or even discounts on many stores.
  6. The Essentials -There are many items which musn't be forgotten. Items such as kitchen utensils, bed sheets, hair dryers etc. could easily be left behind. It’s a good idea to make a list beforehand and tick it off as you pack.
  7. A touch of home - It can be hard leaving home and your child might experience homesickness. Their new accommodation will become their home away from home, so make sure they put a stamp on their room with some creature comforts from home - photographs or even mugs are always popular.
  8. Don't worry - There's always a shop down the road, or a friend/staff member that can help. They will be fine and will return to you as independent adults.