Firyal Lodhi, Pearson Business School Law student, recently attended a workshop as part of a conference hosted at Pearson College London by Winmark. Winmark gives business leaders the knowledge and connections to achieve greater impact by allowing their C-Suite executive members to network with each other. Firyal was able to attend a workshop with Chief Legal Officers and here she shares her experiences.

I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the Winmark Workshop held at Pearson College London. The main focus of the workshop was to bring together Chief Legal Officers from a range of prestigious companies to brainstorm how C-suite functions will evolve over the next few years, with a specific focus on the digitisation of the legal function. The array of attendees included delegates from companies such as Specsavers, Civil Aviation Authority, Colt Technology, National Grid, Not On The Highstreet and many more.

As always, Pearson Business School had encouraged using this event as an opportunity to learn and take up the chance to network!

The Workshop

The workshop itself involved a series of brainstorming activities, beginning with the methods currently used to digitise the legal function to determine the current level of digitisation. As the delegates were from various industries, it was interesting to see the overlap in the use of the same technology for different purposes such as a ticketing system being used to track issues the company tackles, whilst also being used by others to track patterns of problem areas of the product/software.

The activities following this revolved around what the C-suite legal professionals are anticipating to take place in the future and get creative with solutions to any challenges that may arise.


This entire event encouraged an environment of collaboration and creativity, allowing the C-suite professionals to cultivate efficient detailed solutions with their input and various experiences in their thriving companies. By attending this event I was able to gain an intimate insight into the CLO’s thought process to tackling challenges, a perspective I could apply to all areas of law. The key take-away point I left this event with is that the future of the legal function can anticipate major growth mainly due to AI and other digitisation features, some that can be prepared for and others that will require the risk of trial and error.