I’m Sebastian, a 2nd year student at Pearson Business School, and I’m currently working as a Digital Marketing intern at Adwaiz. The role varies week to week - I may be helping out the influencer marketing team or I might be out on a shoot and helping out with content creation.

One of my more routine tasks includes lead generation to get new clients or, community management of clients Instagram accounts. This includes commenting, liking and following relevant accounts which are in line with the image of the client.

My favourite part of my internship has been helping to create content for Instagram. I loved being able to go out to a client’s restaurant and try their food while taking stories on the location and the food, and then going back to the office and editing them. Of course, one perk of doing this kind of blog work is that the food is free!

Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

The internship has definitely helped me decide that I want to go into Marketing, more specifically Digital Marketing, after I leave Pearson Business School. However, the experience has also made me eager to try other types of Marketing in different industries to further my understanding of the field.

The experience of creating content, researching influencers, managing clients’ Instagram accounts as part of community management has been so beneficial in enhancing my knowledge of how to properly market products and services on social media platforms.

One little nugget of advice I’ve learned over my two month guaranteed internship is that if you need one or two influencers for an influencer marketing campaign, you will probably have to talk to at least 50 influencers to get maybe one response.

By Sebastian Reca (2nd year Business Management with Marketing student)