My name is Kyran and I’m a current student going into the third year of my BA (Hons) The Art of Video Games degree at Escape Studios. Here in this blog I'll be talking about what it’s like to be a student and still work part-time.

What is it like?

I’ve always been the working type. I really enjoy the working environment, so for me working whilst studying is something I particularly enjoy. The only real challenge is still making sure you give yourself enough free time between work and studies so you don’t overwork yourself!

How I manage my time

Perhaps the biggest key to managing the two is good timekeeping, scheduling, and sticking to these as closely as possible. To be able to do what I do, I really have to follow a tight schedule - and yes it still allows me to have free time to do some exercise or personal projects, which is fantastic!

It may seem a little overly structured at times, but if you want to do lots of different things like study, work, and still have free time, a schedule like this can really help.

Another plus is that you’re constantly keeping yourself busy and I think that can help any student when setting themselves up for jobs in the future once graduating. If you can manage these two jobs (studying a degree and working) then once you graduate, your time management and work ethic will be super up to scratch.

It’s my favorite mug. It just is.
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How has it benefited me?

For me, it has certainly benefited to work part time whilst studying. I think that overall it helps a range of aspects in student life, especially when managing your finances. With a part-time job I can still earn which helps massively as I don’t take a maintenance loan. I can also save up to help financially benefit myself for the future.

Furthermore, I think it’s helped me as an individual to develop a better work ethic and time management skills. I believe that in itself is enough to say it has benefited me in a really positive way. If someone was interested in doing work whilst studying I would highly recommend it, but only if they’re prepared for the time management required to still excel in both.