Clearing is generally a process that conjures up feelings of uncertainty and reluctance. It is important to remember that going into clearing is not the end of the world… In fact, if you follow our steps below, you will glide through clearing at Pearson College London with ease.

Step 1: Call us

The first thing to do is give us a call on 0203 9445 213. One of our friendly applicant advisors will then ask for some information about you and the grades you’ve achieved. This is nothing to worry about, it's just general information so that we have you in our system.

Step 2: Interview with one of our tutors

Whether you meet our entry tariff or not, you’ll get the chance to be interviewed by an expert tutor at Pearson College London. One of our friendly applicant advisors will arrange this interview for you. Be prepared to be flexible with this as our tutors are busy people! If you are calling on A-Level Results Day, ensure that you are prepared to have the interview on the same day.

The interview is something that all of our applicants, who apply through UCAS or not, have to complete. This is so that we can get an idea of what you are like as a person and can discover your passion for the course, rather than just based on academic grades.

If you meet our entry tariff of BBC (112 UCAS points), you’ll be given an offer, if not, you’ll be invited to one of our Professional Workshops.

Photo by Lebenslauf .org / Unsplash

Step 3: Attend a Workshop

If you don’t meet the UCAS tariff, attendance is compulsory to the Professional Workshop to be given an offer and a partial fee waiver. If you do meet the tariff and have been given an offer, attendance to the workshop is optional if you wish to receive a partial fee waiver. This is a great opportunity for us to meet you before you start your degree programme so we advise that you do attend even if you have an offer. It's also an opportunity for you to see the campus and meet other students from your course.

Step 4: Hear back from our Admissions Team

Our team will then get in touch with your results from the Workshop and hopefully make you an offer to study with us!

Good luck!