Pearson College London has a unique location, being based not only in Central London but also within the Pearson Plc head offices. This means that while we do not own halls of residence, we do offer plenty of alternative accommodation options, such as Tufnell House and Grandfelda House. However, we have also partnered with the University of London Housing Services to bring students more living options, as London is such a big place with plenty of room for students.

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What is the University of London Housing Services?

University of London Housing Services (ULHS) provides a range of services to help students looking for priavte accommodation. This service is open to both current students as well as prospective students, looking to join us soon.

What do they offer?

Helping you find accommodation. The ULHS has a registration scheme for private landlords, letting agents, private halls and other providers of private accommodation for students and staff. These accommodation providers advertise their properties and rooms on the online database so it's ready at your fingertips to view.

Contract checking. Before signing contracts for private accommodation, students and central University of London staff can ask one of our Housing Advice Team for assistance. They will give you guidance on what to look out for and to do when you are renting privately, making sure everything is double checked before signing.

Legal Advice. The Housing Advice Team is dedicated to supporting students who experience problems in private accommodation and offers advice on a range of issues including deposit disputes, disrepair and problems with letting agents.

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Things to consider when choosing your accommodation

The location is probably one of the most important factors when choosing accommodation as it can determine the length and cost of your travel. So make sure it is the right one for you.

Nearby hotspots can make a big difference in your choice. Maybe you want to live close to a lively area with plenty of options for eating out, sightseeing etc. Or maybe you want a convenience store nearby to pop into on your way.

Living arrangement. Consider whether you would like a private house or maybe you would like to share a flat with other students. Again there is a wider range of options to suit you and your budget.

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How can I get started?

Firstly check out the Housing Guide section on the ULHS website to give you a good understanding of what's on offer and how the service works. The second step is making a list of all the things you are looking in your accommodation search. The third step is to get all the information gathered together so you can start having any questions you had answered. And finally, it's time to start searching.

If you have any questions about finding private accommodation in London with the ULHS, get in touch:
Telephone: 0207 862 8880