Results day can be extremely stressful for many students, especially those hoping to attend university. Here are some simple tips on how to survive results day.

Tip 1: Prepare yourself for the day ahead

It may seem very predictable, but having a healthy and clean breakfast is the best way to start the day. Try to avoid eating something really unhealthy because it will not make you feel as good as a hearty breakfast. Try to also get a good night sleep before the day. This might sound like a silly suggestion as most of you will be tossing and turning, but have a nice bath 90 minutes before bed and a non-caffeinated drink such as hot chocolate and you'll be asleep in no time.
Sometimes the very best breakfast eats are the simplest.
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Tip 2: Understand UCAS Track

You can check whether you’ve got in to your preferred university on UCAS Track. If your first choice of university has offered you a place, congratulations; you can start your celebrations!

You don’t need to do anything else but wait for the university to be in touch with information on starting university.

Tip 3: Your first choice isn't everything

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the grades needed for your first choice university. This is why you have your first and second choice when applying; if you do not get an offer from your first or second choice then you may want to consider clearing.
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Tip 4: Do your research

Every student dreads the thought of going through clearing on results day. However, you have no need to worry if you do your research. Clearing can be stressful as it could become one big rush. Yet, you can get ahead of the game and research some other universities before A-Level results day, by picking your top three clearing institutions (and rank them, if you’re feeling extra organised) so therefore if you have to go through clearing (hopefully you won’t) then all areas are covered and you are fully prepared to make your phone calls to the universities for acceptance.
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Tip 5: Adjustment

If you have the pleasant surprise of getting higher grades than you expected on results day, you can always adjust your offers, and potentially apply for universities with higher entry requirements. This is called adjustment.

Tip 6: Going on holiday?

If you are out of the country for results day, someone can pick them up for you. Yet, you need to provide a source that gives them permission to pick your results up for you,on your behalf. Also, try your best to have internet and phone access on results day, as only you can track your offers and speak to universities, not a relative or friend on your behalf.

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Best of luck to all A-Level students receiving their results on Thursday 16th August. And remember that everything happens for a reason!

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