Starting your degree with Escape Studios this September? Here's some top things to get involved with over the summer before you start.

1. Gather portfolio advice

Your portfolio is so important during and after your course at Escape Studios because it is the best way to showcase and demonstrate your skills and what you can do. Over the summer before your course, gather advice from:

  1. College teachers or tutors,
  2. University students who are already studying on a creative course,
  3. Online sources, such as artist blogs, Youtube videos, and Artstation,
  4. Expert tutors at an Escape Studios open day.

There are a whole range of people that you can gain advice from, and a whole breadth of knowledge that these people can provide you with. Gain as much advice and feedback as you possibly can so that you can make those improvements and strengthen your portfolio.

2. Research the degree

You need to figure out what the degree itself actually consists of, in terms of modules, assessment methods and contact hours. This is just the beginning as with a creative degree at Escape Studios, it's not that easy. You need to ask yourself:

  1. What software does the degree use and is it free?
  • If the software required is free of charge, dowload it to your device and start practicing with it to get ahead of the game and find your bearings.
  1. What areas can you specialise in?
  • If you know that you would like to specialise in modelling with Visual Effects or be an Environment Artist within Game Art, you could start targeting your portfolio towards these areas of expertise now so that you have a great foundation to build on during your degree programme.

3. Direct your portfolio

Firstly, you need to direct your portfolio towards your desired degree and higher education institution so that you are really proving that this is the course and location that you want to study in order to progress your career. This is a level of commitment that you will need in this industry, so why not start now?

If you like the Escape Studios Visual Effects course for example, look at the breakdowns on the website, alumni portfolios and student showreels. Observe the similiarities between them and techniques used to create them.

Of course, you will not in any way be expected to be at the same level of skill as the alumni and student showreels that you are seeing, but you could follow the same layout or style of breakdowns that they use to prove that you have done the research and are able to identify what you'll need to do when you start your course.

4. Explore the area

Spend a day in London exploring the local area and Escape Studios for yourself. If you can't make it to an Open Day, book a Personal Tour and be shown around the studios to see for yourself where you'll be creating for the next three years.

You also need to explore the surrounding areas of Escape Studios, such as Covent Garden, Oxford Circus and Soho, to get a feel for London as a city and why Escape Studios is so central. You could look up some of the local studios and take a look at where they are in comparison to Escape Studios.

You could also take a look at nearby accommodation, if you are someone who would like to move away from home and live nearer to our studios in Central London.

5. Visit us

Come along to an Open Day or a Taster Day to take the plunge into the creative world and see what it might really feel like to study Visual Effects, Animation or Game Art at Escape Studios.

6. Stay in the loop

Finally, keep up to date with the most recent activities at Escape Studios. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Follow the social media accounts,
  • Join Facebook groups,
  • Sign up to the monthly newsletter,
  • Connect with current students, and
  • Connect with others starting the course.

Doing all of these things will not only help when it comes to making friends at Escape Studios, but will help you to stay updated and begin to build your network of contacts that can really help in the long run.

Other than that, have a fantastic summer and we look forward to meeting you in September!!!

For more information about Escape Studios, visit the Pearson College London website.