As part of Reel Talk Version 3, we are not only giving you tips and tricks for your showreel, but we're also giving you some tips to master your soft skills.

The showreel will hopefully get you in the door and get you that all important job interview. But then what? You need to show certain skills in order to actually receive the job. So, here's what you need to know...

1. Passion

Show your passion for both the work that you have created within the showreel, the industry in general, the company you are looking to work for and the role that you are applying to. Let your passion for the creative industries and your own role within them shine through to show the recruiter that you really want this and that they should hire YOU.

Let your true passion shine.

2. Grow from criticism

When taking feedback from tutors, peers or even if you are unsuccessful in an application, ensure that you take something to develop from it. Look at the positive in every negative and make the relevant changes to either your showreel or interview technique so that you can perform better next time!

Try not to let negative feedback dishearten you.

3. Team work

Collaboration is key in the creative industries, especially if you are someone that wants to work on big blockbuster projects. Be appreciative of other people's work, especially if others have helped or contributed to pieces within the showreel you have presented. Acknowledging others and proving you can work in a team environment will help you to become a competitive candidate.

Learn to be a team player.

4. Honesty

Know what your strengths are and do not be afraid to state them. Similarly, know where your areas of weakness lie and make sure that you take those into consideration too. You are not expected to be an expert in every single area of your chosen discipline, that's where the team playing comes in.

Know your strengths and weaknesses, showing a willingness to learn.

5. Stay humble

Always appreciate that you can continually learn more, both from peers and superiors. Learning from other people will only expand your skill set so remain open-minded and willing to try new things, as well as being willing to teach others about how you might go about achieving certain results.

You are not the finished product; always try and learn from others.

6. Question

Similarly to staying humble, asking questions also expands your opportunities to learn more and discover new things. Ask as many questions to as many people as possible so that you are continuing to expand your knowledge in a rapidly and constantly changing and developing industry.

Ask questions.

7. Communication

As mentioned before, it is highly unlikely that you'll work on a project alone. Therefore, you need to learn how to communicate effectively with both internal stakeholders such as co-workers and other artists and external stakeholders such as clients. Do not forget the power of a conversation.

Communicate with stakeholders.

8. Creativity

Similar to originality with your [showreel]( bring something new such as a new concept or idea to the table. Show that you can solve problems with a new creative solution and show that you can be creative in different ways. Thinking outside of the box and showing initiative is attractive to recruiters, so show you can do this and you have a great shot!

Be creative to solve problems.

9. Make mistakes

Don't be afraid to make mistakes - you're only going to learn from it and develop as a person and an artist. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and engaging with new ideas can only improve your confidence and always remember that everyone was in your position at one point in their career.

Make mistakes and learn from them.

10. Detail

Working in the creative industries has a requirement for both a high level of creativity and a huge attention to detail. Therefore, you need to ensure that you show that you have these skills and demonstrate them both in the interview and the showreel so that the recruiter believes that you will further demonstrate these skills if they hire you.

Have a high attention to detail in everything that you do.

These top ten tips should help you develop your soft skills. Download our brand new showreel guide: Reel Talk Version 3 for some advice from recruiters and Escapees (alumni).