The International Business School Americas and Pearson College London joined together to offer this International Business Summer School. We sat down with Lucia, one of the students from the programme, to discuss her experiences.

1. What is your name?

My name is Lucia Jauregui.

2. Where are you from?

Buenos Aires in Argentina.

3. Have you completed a degree? If yes, what did you study?

Yes, I completed my degree, and also I did a Postgraduate Course in Oil & Gas Regulation and a Master's degree in Corporate Law.

4. What do you do as a profession?

I am a Lawyer and I have been working in a Mining Company since 2011.

5. Why did you decide to come to London as part of the International Business School?

I decided to come to London as part of the International Business School because I always want to studied abroad, and with my scholarship, I had the possibility to afford the program. Also, as a Lawyer, working in a company is very important to me to expand my knowledge in the field of Business to understand how companies work in a holistic manner.

6. What modules are you studying at Pearson Business School, and what skills are you gaining from it?

I am doing the "Contemporary Topics on Business Strategy" module which covers new knowledge about (i) innovation, (ii) marketing and (iii) strategic thinking.

For the Sustainability part, my Master's thesis was on that subject, so I hope to gain more knowledge on the subject, since I am studying this subject.

7. What have you been doing in your spare time in London?

I have already been to London before; this is my second time here. I have used my spare time to try new and local things, enjoying the city in a different way to the typical tourist attractions.

8. Would you recommend the International Business School and to whom?

Yes, I will recommend this opportunity to all my colleagues who wants to study abroad.

9. What did you enjoy the most about studying at Pearson Business School?

That is a incredible experience and a possibility to understand how companies work. The main think that I like was the different subjects that we covered.

10. How do you think this programme will help you in the future?

This programme will be very useful to me. I think it will help me to find another job opportunity because, now I am a more trained and competent individual, and maybe, I could apply for a job in another country.

To find out more about the International Business School, visit the Pearson College London website.